King Alfred Way

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  • And now my comment is meaningless as the video's gone.

  • Not entirely. I saw the video and thought the same :)

  • Sorry, after watching it I thought there was a lot of talking but little footage of the way. I'll reinstate it for continuity!

  • We met the lady in the video thumbnail when riding the South Downs from Winchester to Petersfield.

  • Clearly the hotel in that video should be renamed Gravelodge. It would quintuple bookings overnight.

  • This goes right past my place in Reading. I've seen a few people doing it over the past week. Someone today was changing a tire but seemed to have it under control.

    If anyone on here gets badly stuck nearby, message me :)

  • Say I have this at my disposal and a free weekend. Should I?

  • 100%. I would much rather have had something with a bit of travel as opposed to a rigid 26er, you'll have a blast on that.

  • Oh, my missus only has her Spesh Sequoia gravel thing. Is she going to kill me?

  • Is she going to kill me?

    No but the outdated standards on that MTB will. 26" and QR?!

  • depends how quickly you try and do it. The south downs way isn't all that lols but other than that it's not that rocky as I remember

  • my mate (not a cyclist, zero off-road experience) managed fine on a Decathlon Triban with pretty much slick 38c tyres. There's a couple of sections to take care on but for the most part it's as fredtc said, not that rocky. I'm just a wuss and need to HTFU if I'm being honest.

  • You're worried about wheelsize and QR skewers that have worked for 30 years but fail to mention the 1kg slickish ramp tyres or the most definitely fucked suspension?

  • Day 1: 200k
    Day 2: 160k

    So, however fast that needs to be. Actually will probably have to ride to a starting point so it's probably more than that.

  • I think she's got 40mm tyres on it - the stock ones that come with that bike. I may have some slightly knobbier and slightly wider (like 45mm) she could use.

  • Yeah, WTB Riddler 45mm.

    Could get the train from Ealing to Reading to avoid the shit ride to the start.

  • It's quite hard in 2 days but you'll be fine. It's just a bit long

    I got the train to Reading and rode from there in 2 days - my post and reccomendations are here­

  • Yeah looks nice. Maybe I should throw some knobbies on the Kona and get some bike time in on that to see just how much energy the suspension is going to soak up. Could probably do with a lower gear too. Could also stretch it to a long weekend or perhaps start on a Friday night to get some of it done, get an early start on Sat and Sun so it's not a massive slog.

  • If I was doing it again (which I might) I'd give myself 3 days and if I was far enough through at the end of day 1 then do it in 2.

  • And on the third day, God created, the "sickie".

  • ah I get you. in that case try it in 2 and if needs be you can bail to the delights of Swindon or Didcot and get the train from there to cut the ride short.

  • There's no way I'm going to stop half way through a loop just to 'go to work'. I'll quit it if I'm not in the mood but not for other nonsense :)

  • This was fucking great. Thanks for sharing. Funnily enough...I will hopefully be building my cargo bike this week... and had planned to ride KAW on my gravel bike in a couple of I'm thinking it might be a great way to break the new bike in.

  • To save meooking at maps. If one were starting at goring and riding over 3 days. Where would one stopover?

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King Alfred Way

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