Removing the remnants of a stem from a fork

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  • I've truly fucked my forks, the stem was seized in and i needed to remove the forks, I stupidly sawed off the top of the stem and now I am left with what you can see in the photos.

    I'd live to remove the remnants as I want to get the forks re-chromed, is anyone able to advise on how I can do this?

    I'd just but a new fork for my Pinarello but they are near on impossible to find.

    Thanks for any help


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  • If it's an alloy stem, which looks likely from the wall thickness, you can use caustic soda to dissolve the stem without damaging the steel steerer. Less labour intensive than hack sawing it out and removes any risk of damaging the steerer, but it does take a while. I'd suspended the fork upside down with the steerer in a jar/bottle of diluted caustic soda. Replace the caustic soda mix a couple of times a day and it should dissolve out in a week or so, or weaken enough to twist out with molgrips. Wear gloves/eye protection as it's pretty nasty stuff. Should be able to pick it up fairly easily from B&Q/Screwfix/similar.

  • Yeah dunk it in the 'horrible stuff if the stem was alloy (it might have been for you to do that to it without serious tooling)

    You may also have some mileage with repeated heating / cooling of the steerer / stem followed by interactions with various power tools...if you can see the bottom of the stem wedge through the crown of the fork you may also be able to hammer it out from below after soaking in plus gas or similar.

  • I've had luck recently by drilling the middle out and using an electric saw followed by chiselling the remains out. done one stem and two seat posts like this in the last few weeks but its quite labour intensive.

    if you're getting it rechromed I would do the acid thing as mentioned above. just soak it in something like water and bicarbonate of soda after to neutralise it so it doesn't rust the steel

  • Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Would something like this work, or does it need to be stronger?

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Removing the remnants of a stem from a fork

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