Uncle John SSCX beater

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  • Since lockdown began, the forest track behind the house has been tempting me. And I’ve always wanted a CX build to rag around on. And I’d quite like a ragable pub bike.

    So when I saw a battered Uncle John f&f for £40, I couldn’t say no!

    Annoyingly I don’t really have any parts so I’m starting to source the long list of bits and bobs.

    So far I’ve sorted bars, levers, saddle.

    No real idea what to do for wheels on a budget. The frame is 135mm rear spacing, so was just going to buy a set of wheels and an SS conversion kit, which will hopefully make crank and chainring selection a bit more straightforward without strict chain line restrictions. And will run a chain tensioner as well.

    Seems that the majority of CX wheels are for disc brakes these days though. Any suggestions for something not too expensive that will take a bit of abuse?

    Wanted thread:

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  • Any road wheels will do. More spokes the better too

  • I probably sound like a div, but I'm not even sure where to look.

  • Ebay. Or put out a Wanted add on here.

    Mavic rim. Shimano hub. Should see you right

  • Ebay. Or put out a Wanted add on here.

    Mavic rim. Shimano hub. Should see you right

    But you say 135???

  • But you say 135???

    The frame spec is a bit odd, as Planet X says they take 130 or 135 spaced rear. Is this odd?

  • 135 for rear disc brake it seems.

  • No. Bit like Surly

    Road was 130. MTB was 135.

    Just get any 700c wheel set with a mavic rim and shimano hub. You will be fine on a 40quid frame

  • Progress!
    Thanks @fizzy.bleach for hooking me up with some wheels, cranks and other bits. Tyres from @Big_Ted and bars, stem and levers from @nickvonfiction

    Oh, and @drkawaszelong for the frame and fork, of course.

    Hadn’t realised the saddle I bought was white, and fizzy bleach had some spare white bar tape, so this is likely going straight into Anti, but very happy so far. Remaining bits ordered online. Hopefully should be rideable in a week or so!

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  • You're welcome mate! Interested to see how this turns out

  • Nice Andy. Thats quick progress!

  • yeah you're not wasting any time!

  • So, everything has arrived to get this completed - bar the adapter for the Ultegra BB!
    Annoyingly I have a floor to finish laying first. Hopefully I'll have the time to put it together before the weekend.

  • Thar she blows!

    Couple minor things to sort out - the 18t cog I bought is wider than the DMR one that came with the conversion kit, so there isn’t a combo of free hub spacers that works. I just chucked both cogs on, using the 16t DMR one as a spacer for now. Should be ok. But a bit annoying.

    I’ve got a pair of SPDs to go on, but still waiting on shoes to arrive, so I just chucked some random flats on from my touring bike.

    White saddle and bar tape is not my first choice, but the saddle was cheap (I didn’t realise it was white), and the tape was a freebie from @fizzy.bleach - it made me laugh as it’s filthy before I’ve even ridden it as I was to impatient to wash my hands before putting it on.

    Also, it had a bottle cage with seized bolts on the DT. I hammered a torx bit into the rounded Allen bolts and hey presto, both the bolts snapped off. Lol. I just wanted the cage gone, so no real complaints.

    Righto, best go ride the fucker!

    Ps, look at that lovely floor.

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  • Looks a lot of fun. I approve of the white saddle and tape. You may disagree in time.

  • Och I’m not fussed either way. On my road bike I have gold bar tape ffs (again, not by choice).

    But I must admit I’m less offended by it than I expected.

  • that looks a lot better than it has any right to be! more interesting than all the moneybags projects on here at any rate

  • Yeah man, you're a pair of SPDs away from having a bike 90% as useful as almost any CX bike out there. Agree with @fizzy.bleach as usual.

  • Haha, cheers man.

    Just been out for an hour on the local forest paths and trails. Honestly the most fun I’ve had in ages. It’s light, responsive, feels fast as fuck flying down the narrow paths. Was also surprised at how well it handled the rougher stuff.

    Just had a massive grin on my face the whole time. Not enjoyed being out on a bike that much in years. Fuck yeah!

  • i respectfully disagree

  • look at the heel rub on those cranks. that's my heels at work.

    who wants to mess with me? i have literally milled aluminium with my feet

  • more interesting than all the moneybags projects on here at any rate

    Also, this is the highest praise (and exactly what I was after). Bang for your buck value is high.

    who wants to mess with me? i have literally milled aluminium with my feet

    Lol, would rep.

  • Boooo, hissssss.

  • i embrace ugly bikes 😘

  • i embrace ugly bikes

    Ah, so that’s why you don’t like this absolute stunner 😅

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Uncle John SSCX beater

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