Thule 699 Round Trip Bike Box For Sale

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  • This box is a tank! Super solid!


    Few mark from using a couple of times and from storage, but it is in good working condition. Come with two thick foam strips to protect and separate wheels and frame. I was able to fit helmet, shoes, kit and clothes all around the bike when using this box. All straps and wheels in full working condition.

    Product description:

    • Bicycle travel case designed for airline or rooftop car use
    • Rugged polyethylene body holds up to rough handling
    • Sturdy strapping system; integrated bottom wheels for transport
    • Lockable design; measures 47 x 10.5 x 30.5 inches (W x H x D)
    • Easily accommodates one road or mountain bike for safe air, train or bus transport/shipping
    • Durable polyethylene construction for long life and dividers keep wheels separated from frame

    Product shots of the inside:­images/I/51RLf3pVppL._AC_.jpg­images/I/51nIQRTq%2BkL._AC_.jpg

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  • Yes please, depending location.

  • Second dibs if not taken by @bontie

  • I'll join the line depending on location

  • 4th? Dibs

  • 5th Dibs

  • Very unlikely 6th dib

  • No response to DM - @YoYoYo are you there.

  • Hi there. Sorry about the late reply. Busy few days.

    Following orders of the dibs and will reply to DMs now.

    Thanks a lot for the interest.

    Should have mentioned that the box is located in Brixton.


  • Sold to Bontie who was the first dibs. Cheers all


Thule 699 Round Trip Bike Box For Sale

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