Crankset removal

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  • Refurbishing an old Raleigh Pioneer 140 and I'm attempting a remove the crankset, but for some reason it's proving quite difficult...its a square taper fitting...I have used a crank puller which doesn't screw in completely, thinking the tread has gone.

    So was wondering is anyone has any tips for getting them off another way?

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  • Three ways that I can think of:

    • You can ride the bike (powerfully) without the crank bolts, and this will work the cranks loose by trashing the crank tapers. You've already dissembled the bike so perhaps not the quickest operation!
    • You can use a pair of Morse taper removal wedges between the BB shell and the crank. I did this once and it is possible but difficult - needed some awkward hammering. This might not work for you as the third chainring is probably in the way.
    • Saw the crank spider near the BB taper and start hammering the crank when you get near the BB. Not a pretty method and I've not tried it, but could work!

    Morse wedges (probably not the easiest option, but for ref.):

  • Should be pretty easy to saw the alu cranks.

    Have you tried beating it off with a hammer? You could get lucky and have it come off easy (unlikely though).

  • I'll try those options thank you! 😊

  • I did this once, wasn't paying attention and didn't tighten the extractor down tight.

    Tool helpfully removed all the crank threads, ended up needing the hacksaw.

  • You can use a bearing puller

  • I will add... be careful about how you hold/clamp/constrain the frame. You can get more and more enthusiastic about removing cranks and then find that you've bent/dented your frame. One time I was so happy to wrestle an old stem out of a frame, only to notice I'd bent the forks.

  • Possibly worth seeing if the BB cup will come off with the crankset still on

  • If you get the crank extractor in tight as you can and do presser bit up tight then whack it a few times with a hammer. That often gets stubborn cranks off. Use penetrating fluid too. Maybe soak over night

  • One time I was so happy to wrestle an old stem out of a frame, only to notice I'd bent the forks.

    I've done that!

    Just a double-check @user113724 since this crankset was retained by a nut, rather than a more modern allen-key bolt, the stud that the nut was on sticks out. This means that you need to wind the inner part of a crank-puller all the way out so it doesn't foul that stud and allows the puller to wind all the way into the crank threads.

    I've used a ball joint splitter to remove stubborn cranks before. You have to be careful not to marr the BB or crank (if you care). It might be easier if you remove the inner and middle rings, which look like they're held on with nuts, so that might be possible.

  • Hi this tool came in the post today apparently it should remove cranks with damaged threads, if your anywhere near Hackney I’d be happy to let you use it cheers k

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  • So it has a tapered removal thread?

  • Yes but how good it is I don’t know

  • That looks clever.

  • I’ve often wondered if it’s worth investing in an M23 x 1mm tap for stripped crank removal threads, so you can then use a TA extractor. I have a posh crank that some idiot stripped the DS removal thread out (not me, honest). I have TAs removers so it seems like a good solution.

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Crankset removal

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