Jan Willems Projects [DSC, Time, Giant, Titanium]

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  • I'm new to this forum but I'd like to share my current project with you all. Found some Campagnolo parts in my shed which I wanted to sell, but then just realized it would be more fun to buy another frameset

    Found this DSC on marktplaats, a very small brand by the Dutch framebuilder Harry Dekker. So I bought the bike and sold the groupset and some other parts already.

  • Apart from bartape and the right cable lengths I think it's ready, what I changed:

    Campagnolo Chorus 11 s groupset

    €11 Smica stem with some repainted front parts

    Fizik R5 saddle

    Look Keo 2 Blade 16nm pedals

    Debranded FSA Energy Compact bars

    Put my FCC wheels in

    Former owner told me the paint is a Gios color, not sure which exactly but it's realy bright/intense in direct sunlight, really like it however i didn't like the paint scheme/decals at first sight.

  • Came upon this frameset on marktplaats and bought it because I wanted a classic looking carbon frameset for a while. However the frame needs some work, the paint has some scratches and the lugs might be rebonded - I'm not sure - but what I'm sure of that the lugs are repainted and it doesn't look nice.

    First I want to test the ride quality of the frame so I'm going to build up the frame quickly with some temporary parts. If it's OK i want to rebuild it completely with a matching group set and kit.

    Current status, just threw some parts on it for the picture:

    I'm really not sure which way to go on the groupset and stem/handlebar/seatpost, if you have any suggestions please let me know :)

  • lovely bikes. Nice work. That DSC is great.

  • Very nice, the Campag looks so good on all of them.

  • That Time is just my cup of tea: bright, loud and brash. I think it looks great as it is! What bottle cages are those? Just found, ignore me!

  • Lovely bikes! Afaik, there’s only one authentic signature Gios Blue. But there are many repainted gios frames with slight variations. Yours looks like the right shade of blue as far as I can tell from the photos.

    I have a similar VXRS with Chorus 11 and can attest to its ride qualities. Do you know if yours originally came with an ISP that’s been cut? I read on a few occassions that On some time bikes of that era, the aluminium bb shell had a tendency to debond from the bb lug, it wasn’t the case on mine and I hope that it isn’t on yours. But it might be worth keeping in mind if you encounter any odd creaking noises from the BB. Looking forward to see the final build!

    As for the lugs, @mattyc recently repainted the lugs on his look. Might be worth checking out his cp for inspiration/advice.

  • Reminds me of this, which is one of my favourite evers

  • Thanks, I did some short research online and it seems the 'real' Gios blue is kinda hard to reproduce, I read about a red base coat? There's a decal under the clear coat with the name of the first owner on the left rear fork, I'm thinking about removing it but not too sure yet.

    Really hope all the lug-tube connection are ok, that's exactly why I want to test ride it first. If the frame is growing on me I might get it retouched by a bike painter like Unlimited Colors, I'm really thinking about painting the fork and seatpost in red with original re-made graphics.

    thanks all and that VXRS of Boonen is a stunner indeed!

  • I seem to recall hearing something along those lines but I’m not familiar with the technicalities of the paint job. When I worked at steel vintage, we sent some frames back to gios to get them repainted in the original colour since other painters didn’t quite get it right.

    @fredtc do you know if there’s a particular reason why boonen opted for aluminium cranks instead of the carbon ones?

  • No, I don't know that, but here http://www.rouesartisanales.com/article-­2267186.html it looks like the whole team are on alu cranks, so perhaps it was just too early. Later versions have carbon (so aren't as good!)

  • Bought these Deda Alanera handlebars for 45€ to put them on the Time frame but not too sure about it yet,maybe I should go for just a simple -10 stem and compact handlebars? Or keep the original Time stem?

  • Both gorgeous bikes. The color on the DSC looks great. Had one myself a while ago. The TIME also looks great. I would definitely keep the original stem on. A big part of the allure to me is the fact that TIME framesets included the stem and also the seatpost. That is what makes them stand out.

  • Thanks! And great to see another DSC frame! In the mean time I bought a nos Record 11s front derailleur which completed my groupset, so I quickly build up the frameset for a test ride:

    I'm honestly very impressed by the ride quality of the frame, I like it more than the steel or titanium frame I have which i didn't expect at all, so very happy with the bike :)

  • That looks great on those wheels

  • Gorgeous.

  • Thanks! I'm sure she is a keeper so I will change the groupset to the black Chorus group of the DSC and will have the frame touched up by a painter in the future.

  • that's banging. buy some cable ends tho

  • MTB fun! Changed the tires, hand grips and did some maintenance:

    And this was actually the most fun:

    At the moment i'm building a electric Giant Revive (bafang) and waiting on some part for my Specialized Crux, so more updates to come ;)

  • Giant Revive (bafang)


  • Still waiting on some parts for the Crux, so in the meantime i'll share this finished project, a Gazelle Olympia '91 i got for free - just before they turned it into a Gazelle Recycle ;)

    Gazelle Olympia 62cm

    Gazelle Olympia 62cm

    Gazelle Olympia 62cm

    cleaned it a bit and bought a saddle





    All done








  • Wow, a lot of nice bikes in here. Strong work

  • thanks @greeno

    Update on the Specialized Crux, i'm a trend follower so I'll turn it into some sort of gravelracer ;) The parts I was waiting for arrived and most importantly the tires as well, still waiting on some small carbon items from mr. ali.




    Yes I still have to wrap the new handlebar tape ;)

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  • Short history on the Crux, I bought it middle 2016 and was planning to do some cyclocross races but it never happened. I had already bought some racy wheels with tubes


    Best experience I had with the bike was the Dutch Fondo Slag om Norg i rode, a road/gravel race for amateur road cyclist in the north of the country here.

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  • Nice projects, NL represent :)

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Jan Willems Projects [DSC, Time, Giant, Titanium]

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