When will events re-start?

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  • hi guys,

    pretty sure this will be totally opinion based, but when do you see events re-starting?

    it will be interesting to hear different peoples perspectives.

  • Events?

  • If you mean cycling events.

    From CTT on 28th May...

    We’re receiving an increasing number of enquiries about when it will be possible to start
    events once more.

    Many will have seen that British Cycling issued a release yesterday in which it was said
    that for international and national level races, including national series and
    championships, the suspension of events was extended until 01 September 2020, and
    that for regional racing the suspension of events was extended until 01 August 2020. The
    Board of CTT consider that by its very nature time trialling is different to road racing and
    consequently for time trials it will be easier to accommodate the government’s guidelines
    on the measures that need to be put in place to help control the spread of COVID-19 and
    in particular the requirement for social distancing.

    We’re hoping that it will be possible for events to take place, perhaps initially in some
    limited form, in the not too distant future. We understand that the government is looking
    at ways outdoor sport and social activity can resume once more, although currently we
    don’t know when that will be. Presently all CTT events are suspended up to and including
    30 June. There is to be further government guidance announced on Monday next week,
    01 June, and it is anticipated that a further CTT release will be issued shortly after. Plans
    are being put in place so once we’re able to, we can start events once more and guidance
    will be given to all clubs and CTT districts in good time to allow this to happen.

  • Depends what you mean by events, but aside from racing, British Cycling have said that:

    All formalised group and club activity ... would be suspended until Saturday 4 July, and this suspension remains in place.

    we will review this on a fortnightly basis, giving two weeks’ notice of any changes.


    If that counts as their last update on 03/06, then expect another on 17/06.

  • Apparently if you are getting married you might be able to have a ten person reception soon. Or something.

  • My local cross league just cancelled the entire 20/21 season if that’s anything to go by.

  • fuuuuu!

  • Yeah, no fun. Was looking forward to that!

    Now I have a redundant CX bike hanging in the garage until Sept ‘21.

  • what league?

  • You're still allowed to ride that bike...

  • my league (NWCCA) say they're not cancelling the season

  • the longer the day the more people say. would love to audax but can’t really see events restarting this year.

  • South West (Devon, Cornwall and Somerset).

  • Of course, and I say it half in jest really. It’ll still get used, just a shame the whole season has gone down the pan. I figured the first few races might but I had though the tail end of the season would still go ahead.

  • CTT has made an announcement.

    Provided a club has done a CV 19 risk assessment Type B, ie club members only, events can be run from the 5th July.


    Open events are next..

    BC is still not sanctioning events- which means that "official " club runs held by a BC affiliated club can't happen as clubs rely on BC for indemnity cover

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When will events re-start?

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