Sustrans Route 1 in Kent

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  • Hi all,

    Has anybody got experience of cycling Sustrans Route 1 around Kent area?

    Was considering cycling this route to Canterbury areas:­05208/#balanced

    But I'm unsure on the condition of what that website refers to as "cycle paths". Would they be paved?

    Any help much apprecited - ta.

  • @youramericanlover

    Some of it will be paved, but a fair amount will be hardpack and possibly some bits that are little more than single track. Have done bits of that recently but far Kent not so recently.

    I'd say most of it would be rideable on a road bike but you'd probably want bigger tyres if you're going to do it after the wet weather we're about to have.

  • @pastry_bot is right. Tbh I wouldn't want to do it on much less than 32. In the dry you can get away with a lot on 25 but not necessarily loving it.

    I only know from Sittingbourne really. Totally varied, some road but also single track, bridleway, I even went through some orchards. Either way it's slow going. You can also mix it up with the Saxon Shore Way (which is great after Faversham), but again slow. Here are some shots of NCN 1 lolololol

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  • sick gravel mate. totally pitted etc

  • sick gravel mate.

    Artisanal orchard gravel no less.

  • Love the pics, where was that?

  • First one is Saxon Shore somewhere between Whitstable and Faversham, and the second is an orchard on (I think) technically NCN 1 in The Greater Sittingbourne Area

    I was on 25c and hauling ass because I thought I was running late, not advised

  • Road route here. Not sure I would trust a sustrans route that isn't a rail trail.

  • Thanks all - this is super helpful.

    I think the Sustrans route is a bit too off-road for me, but those pics look beautiful!

  • You could try this route.

    Mostly traffic free, doable on 23C.

    Only bit I don't like is just after Erith, some 5KM of busy roads, but there is a cyclepath along the first section.

    After that it gets really nice.

    Route is flatter than going over south London.

  • This orchard?

    I made that same mistake with 15 other people one time. Lucky it was a lovely day.

  • You can continue along the river after Erith and around the River Cray. Gravel goodness, but maybe not 23mm suitable.

  • Yep, up one side and down the other on big tires.

    Swanscombe marshes is also pretty good, but not on a road bike.

  • Swanscombe marshes

    Yeah, interesting area. Surprising London wasn't built further downstream.

  • Decent route, what I would pick.

  • I also rode through that orchard! Actually this day last year. Loved it, but was on 35s

    Palace farm hostel was a nice place to stay the night if you're looking in the area. Highly recommend. Great pub there too.

    Wish I was touring right now tbh.

  • Wouldn't make any sense to have built London further downstream, everyone would be really far away from the Rapha store in Soho

  • sub'd

  • Wouldn't make any sense to have built London further downstream, everyone would be really far away from the Rapha store in Soho

    True but it's less busy downstream away from all of the shops

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Sustrans Route 1 in Kent

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