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  • I like these builds where the end product will be so uniquely your own, not another one like it anywhere. Hope it goes well!

  • Thanks! The guys who made the frame was making fun of me for it cause there are like five or so frames of this model made. Saying it wasn’t unique enough for me. But hey what can I say. I like something that looks like it’s meant to be more than the different bits you got combined.

  • So… after wet sanding the main triangle. It's turned more glossy and I'm not sure I'm convinced it's a better look. I did get a glossy clear coat. But now I'm thinking the colour I chose would look better matte or satin.

    Any opinions? I don't think my phone would capture the difference. So I guess you would have to make it up in your mind :•)

  • I've got a 2K glossy clear coat. If I was to put it on and decide that I want it matte. Would it be a problem to put matte clear coat on top of it?

    In that case would it have to be 2K as well or would an acetone based paint work?

  • Maybe hit up the 'custom paint' or 'paint porn' thread if no one chips in here.

  • Yeah I was looking for the appropriate thread but couldn't find the ask a painter one. Thanks!

  • Don't see why this wouldn't work. Putting gloss of top of matee would though.

  • So, I finally finished the respray. It ended up ok, better than before imo. Feels good to get rid of the branding on the fork and match it to the frame.

    I put some linseed oil in the frame a couple if days ago, now waiting for it to dry up. Build will take place on Monday.

    Setting up the Gravel Kings on the Xr22s was a no brainer.

    Scheduled the first proper breaking in trip next weekend. Will be a 400km round trip.

    Cant wait!

  • Still missing seat post and bar tape... will sort something.

  • As a side note to a great project @nogk I really like your taste. Nice living space.

  • Thanks man! Our home has been turnt up side down for a long time now. All summer has been going to moving walls and building wardrobes and a pantry. Luckily my partner likes to put things in order as much as possible in between work stints.

  • So. I finally had the opportunity to break the bike in. First ride was 210k in a massive headwind. The start being somewhat delayed because I couldn’t fit my old handlebar bag onto the bike. Or rather very little would fit in it. This meant that after taking the commuter train as far as possible I starter riding around lunch and was so eager to get going I forgot to eat lunch. This kind of fucked my energy intake and i stopped three hours later at the first source of food i passed which happened to be a pizzeria. Unfortunately it would be nine hours until I would see my next meal as I just missed a ferry by ten minutes. Anywho, 150k into the ride I met up with a friend who took a train to meet me. He had been kind enough to stop and get me a pair of long leg bibs which would come to serve me well the rest of the trip. He broke the wind to the finish and I probably have him to thank for still being alive. This was my first 150k+ ride without sleeping bag which turned out to be a whole other thing. Feels like I learnt a lot from it.

    I had a rest day at his place, tightened what had loosened and stretched my bum and thighs. Took the train so that I would have a 110k ride home. I managed my calories alot better and restructured the route so that I would pass food when I needed it. The wind was still blowing in the same direction meaning I now had it to my advantage which gave me a good rematch.

    I like the bike a lot. i thought for a long time that it would be too small for me, being 55,5/56 and me at 186cm. But it felt great. The GRX hoods are a perfect fit in my hands. I felt really good in the drops and I could rest my shoulders on the aero bars, although they need some tweaking.

    I really like the 38mm GKs but I knew that. The wheels felt great. Overall the bike handled great, very stable but also nimble. I’m happy to say it has superseded my expectations.

    This is the only picture of the bike I took while waiting for the commuter train into the city going home. I picked up the ass savers on the way home because it was supposed to rain and I figured better than nothing. Will look into full length guards asap. Its a pity the black GBs are so expensive.

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  • Looking good!

  • Some post breaking in thoughts...

    I think that I need a front rack to carry luggage and move my front light. At least for any longer trips. I have been eyeing the Allygn diamond rack, if it ever comes available. But it seems it might require a drilled fork crown and mine is not. We’ll see where this goes. But as of now, barely anything fits between my bars and my front light. Suggestions?

    I can also appreciate the increase in comfort when shifting gears that a slightly more flared handlebar would offer. When the drops are filled with luggage, that is.

    What else. I really liked the handlebar tape I picked up and wrapped the night before departure. BLBs pro-satin somethsometh.. very grippy. I like it.

    Snack pouch or some sort of tt bag eould be great and a frame bag leaving room for two bottles.

    Cant decide if I want to go holster/rolltop or carradice for rear loading. I have only used a carradice before, but with out a bag man.

    The biggest disappointment was the wahoo. Although I was glad to have it. I think the turn by turn navigation sucked as it was constantly 200m behind sort of making the visual cues redundant and requiring me to stay focused on navigating more than I thought I would have to be. But maybe thats a good thing, idk.

    Hoping to go riding again later this week. This might level the text/image ratio in this thread.

  • Ah! Also. Saddle is suboptimal. Seeing that I never rode it before doing 200k on it might add to that. But nonetheless I’m still SMP-curious.

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N.M. Horijsont — Mostly True

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