#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • I don't think you read his comment properly.

    He said names of Latin origin. Not names of Latin and indigenous origin.

  • I think you'd want to be careful about making generalisation about somewhere as complex and diverse as Bolivia.

  • I enjoyed it more when I was young and single in the mid-'00s, because I could do all sorts of adventure stuff and loved that Wild West element to it - there was a large amount of unrest at the time. I preferred the jungle to the high lands. More recently I still enjoyed it, but found it hard not to compare to Peru and be concerned around safety as reportedly crime was an issue in a way that either it wasn't, or I wasn't aware of, when I first went.

    This will sound like I'm belittling local people's lived experiences, but a lot of people I've met have held quite partizan views based on their biases. These are often at odds with things I've read from history and political experts backed up by facts and numbers. For that reason I'm always wary of putting too much emphasis on it.

    Personally, I am more persuaded by a definition of racism requiring power + discrimination. Therefore, I disagree with the idea that Morales' policies were racist given the starting point of the various indigenous groups.

  • I think perhaps my post wasn’t clear or you didn’t read my post properly. He said

    names of Latin origin, which aren't typically segregated by class in Latin American countries

    which isn’t correct. I replied that the opposite is true: there usually are socioeconomic connotations attached to names of Latin origin in Latin America. Less common Latin names, and especially surnames, are associated with more privileged groups; the inverse happens with more common Latin names. If the name is French or Italian, or if it’s a fancy sounding Spanish name, the effect is pronounced.

    Additionally, I added that names of indigenous origin also have socioeconomic connotations, and receive arguably the same treatment as African names in the US.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3kenaY8­rlw&feature=youtu.be

    not wanting to derail this thread, but discussion around latin america in the context of black people is not fully understood in the US or UK

  • Definitely not understood. The dynamic is very different. Most afro Latinos tend to identify as Hispanic and not African. Seems to be a complete disconnect with the African continent

  • Hilarious. Their other videos are also pretty accurate.

  • Heheh, you’ve stumbled on a pet peeve of mine: Hispanic vs. Latin American.

    Hispanicity is a mainly US construct derived from Spanish geopolitical thought to refer Latin Americans (of mainly Mexican and Central American origin), particularly when they’re in the US. Etymologically, the term Hispanic doesn’t include English, French and Portuguese-speaking countries, much to the chagrin of many a Brazilian filling out a form in the States (Brazil has 56% black population).

    IME, Latinos outside the US rarely self-identify as Hispanic, but often do self-identify as Latin American.

    Latin American is a competing concept derived from French geopol thought, and in my opinion is more accurate (as it includes French and Portuguese speakers). There is also a much greater sense of “Latin American” as a culture among Latinos worldwide. “Hispanic” culture is a less developed idea, and usually focuses on the practices of Mexicans in the States.

  • As someone whose appearance and accent don’t match some people’s preconceived racial stereotypes, I assure you it happens routinely.

  • Cheers.

    Why did you include the black proportion of Brazil's population as a datum here?

    It seems I copy pasted over my post. I’ve forgotten the point that sentence alluded to, but I think I expressed interest in Chokolateboywonder’s experience of most Afro Latinos identifying as Hispanic. I’ll get back to you if I remember.

    Edit: The reaction my background receives is highly circumstantial. Some people are curious, others convey disdain, many say they don’t believe me, a majority express surprise.

  • For me, the first and last are part of the normal gamut of human responses to novelty.

    Sure, and I expect most people like me do their best to be patient and understanding of this. However, much like very tall or very beautiful people constantly having their physique brought up, it can be quite taxing to forever be a ‘novelty’, leaving aside the odd unintended insult.

    I think there’s several things to unpack in what you’ve written. I agree with most of what you’ve written but I’m not sure I agree with all of your conclusions. Your second paragraph seems to conclude that people’s reactions to race are contingent on luck of the draw: where they’re born and when, what their social circle is, their opportunities in life, etc. I can understand why some people might react the way they do to someone of a different race. The issue I see with what you’ve written m is that it can’t just be that, or it takes away people’s responsibility in the perpetuation of a system that drastically disadvantages certain races. It may not be their fault, but they have the power to contribute to changing it so it is their responsibility. That’s part of The Struggle, and it’s why BLM had to happen.

    I don’t mean to come across as preachy or combative. Your messages with me have been polite and thoughtful, so don’t get me wrong. 👍

    Edit to remove an example

  • @lynx we chatted Red Saunders and rock against racism. Didn't realise there was a documentary film about it, there is a free screening in Stratford next week.

  • 400 Years Taking The Knee is a good potted history if you’ve got access to Sky, Dotun Adebayo narrates.

  • Sorry not seen this before, was it an invitation or a plea of please come we need you.

    My parents came in the 60s on work visa. So I have never seen it as an invitation, but that could be just me.

  • Look at what Ian Wright (just one player) has to endure on social media recently, when we are in an enlightened age. Makes me think (but not for long) about what it was like before.

    As a discussion of scars on memory, and no relevance to your experience, I was taken to a few aston villa games in 82, and since then I have supported villa. It was my first experience of going to a football game and no real understanding as I was 7 years old, but the memories have stayed with me and I am a villa supporter still.

  • It was an invitation and aggressive recruitment my caribean Caribbean grandparents made clear . They didn't need visas as they were British subjects.

  • First two episodes of this documentary is on BBC 2 tonight from 9pm.
    Samuel l Jackson and afua hirsch present.


  • I'm not sure about this mr Jackson has
    Positioned himself as an African American who has chosen through his own ignorance not to understand the story of slavery in the Caribbean and South America. He's made it quite clear black British actors couldn't understand the context of playing african American role . Why is he now on British TV a role that had relevance to a black British actor.

  • It’s not a bbc production. It’s a documentary.

  • Sorry to be ignorant, I'm not sure of the difference of your comment of aggressive recruitment and my comment of the plea to come to the UK.

    My folks were from the EU. So needed visas.

  • It was both they were looking for very cheap labour and the Windrush generation were happy to obliged

  • @uphilljames39x20

    Just out of interest why are you only here for the BLM thread? You haven't made a single post in the rest of the forum yet.

    This could be considered being a Troll as you are a single issue member and don't seem to want to contribute to anything else.

  • There’s already a million edge lord pricks on the pistonheads BLM thread and user doesn’t feel special enough.

  • Sigh... banned and nuked the troll.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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