#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • There was an article I was reading that had the headline Black patients are treated better by Black doctors, but the researched showed that recognition of rashes on patients by doctors of the same skin tone. So hopefully it is something to learn from.

  • Mate, both good examples of click bait journalism. I ended up watching that clip (group called diversity) as also wanted to see what they were complaining about. Could not see why, I was under the impression every single legitimate ofcom complaint is investigated. Should have been reported as '20000 rasists complain about diversity on UK television.' seems more apt.

  • Not really what you were looking for but interesting all the same. I'll let you know if he thinks of any other resources.

    It is interesting! Although perhaps not surprising. And thank you.

  • The article about Black doctors was total click baitish but there was a link to the original medical journal article, which was from the US. Which was the interesting thing, to me, as it is something I would have not thought about. But hope we can learn, so that all lives have the same chance to be diagnosed and treated.

  • Had a look through the dftb resource for doctors I posted previously and was a bit miffed to see what I would consider derogatory terms for diagnosis. In this case mention of 'mongolian blue spots' made me think about anti racist vs non racist which @chokalateboywonder summed up well a few pages back in comment #686 (sorry unsure how to quote) referring to the need for unlearning to break down systemic racism.

    Shut down stem | Shut down academia

  • sorry unsure how to quote

    Highlight the text then click Reply. or go to the post number, right-click Copy link address. The number changes depending on how many people you have on ignore ;)

  • Why is "Mongolian blue spots" derogatory? I get that it's incorrect (so not a useful term) and not a scientific name, but not why it's derogatory.

  • @hoefla I thought it may be the fact that the term comes from Johann Blumenbach theory, classification of people racially based on their skulls. Ascertaining discredited 18th century theory rooted in false notions of a white racial superior. I just know it was said to us when our child was born and thinking it was wierd thing to say, 'baby blue spot' would have done. I guess I'm trying to question the use of racist terms within a medical context.

  • Ah - I had assumed it referred erroneously to the country. But that would be kinda specific so you make more sense. It's just plain wrong as a name anyway - all ethnicity babies can have big blue birthmarks, it's not so common for white babies but it's also not super unusual.

  • So I mentioned before that the organisation I work for is dedicated to fighting inequality as one of its primary goals.
    We recently went through a re-org which was heavily scrutinised so as to not discriminate. Then we had an independent assessment and found that we still managed to be a bit racist, sexist, ableist, ageist and to discriminate against lgbtq people as well.
    It lead to an interesting discussion about how unconscious bias drives us, how even if you are from Asia or Africa it’s likely your education had a big dose of western (British colonial) skew in the syllabus and that can manifest throughout your life and adding flavour to your decisions.
    It’s a long road

  • We recently went through a re-org which was heavily scrutinised so as to not discriminate. Then we had an independent assessment

    Sounds great. What do you/where do you work if you feel like telling?

  • Can’t really share right now beyond that I do IT ish stuff.

  • Fuck, got a couple of roofers here making a repair.

    Proper old school racist shit, "blacks are all lazy" "they don't make use of opportunities" "all lives matter".

    I used the analogy of the monopoly game and black people starting out with nothing while whites have resources and they were utterly in denial that white people start with money or privilege.

    Utterly vile opinions, stupid idiots who can't even see they have a privilege or that their attitudes are part of the problem. Fuck I live in a little bubble and feel like I don't have the intellectual resources to deal with this level of ignorance.

    I'd like to have thrown them off site, but the roof is a licensed product and they are the only people who can make the repair and now I feel complicit.

  • had a run in with a similarly tedious arsehole in a Wickes parking lot last weekend. second he realised i was from SA, he thought he'd found a sympathetic ear for his fucked opinions, which plays directly into his considering people's value based upon the laziest of assumptions.

    Only ever referring to non white people as "them", wondering why it wasn't OK for him to use the N word and getting proper salty with me when i tried to explain to him that black people probably didn't benefit hugely from apartheid. Of course he considered himself a "centrist"... don't they always.

    fuck these people, they'll never change, it's all we can do to make sure they feel too scared / ashamed to voice these opinions in public again.

  • I am still shaking with frustration and anger, and feel quite impotent to effect change.

  • Official complaint to the company?

    It might not result in much, but I think I'd do it anyway

  • r/byebyejob that fucker. cancel culture works - if it didn't, all these neo-lib shitheads wouldn't be moaning about it constantly on R4 without a hint of self awareness.

  • He pretty much is the company, what was more surprising was the younger lad with him also expressed the same views.

    When they were leaving they apologised for discussion but then kept digging with stuff about statues not needing to come down, Churchill under attack, “I am not racist but...” and “I have black and brown friends”. It really was full house racist bingo! I am sure they’d hand on heart claim to not be racist but are completely blind to the implicit racism and white privilege. Utterly disheartening

  • Name and shame?

  • Fuck em into the sun.

    Still, probably best not to lose sight of the fact that we're both privileged enough to be able to talk about racists rather than be on the receiving end of racism.

  • Dude, don't beat yourself up about it. Totally get the frustration though. You needed the work done, the people doing it turned out to be arseholes but they're gone now. At least you challenged them which may mean something for them later.

  • @dancing James @greenhell Fair play for saying something, they might think twice before sharing their racist bile, although to be fair they don't sound like the thinking type. Fuck em. They probably quite enjoy provoking a reaction in people also.

  • Fuck, got a couple of roofers here making a repair.

    Proper old school racist shit, "blacks are all lazy"

    Years ago had a conversation in a pub with a West Indian guy who ran his own small construction company. Said he preferred not to use white English construction workers because "They take ages to get things done. They keep stopping for silly banter and to make cups of tea." Recently, I asked the (white, cockney) owner of a construction company who drinks in my local about this, expecting to get an outraged reaction. What he actually said was "Tell me about it! I've had to confiscate the fucking kettle from some sites!"

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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