#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • That is awful.

  • @Markyboy, that’s outrageous. The owners of those properties clearly need to be reported with poor selection bias..


  • Isn't it as likely to be gender-based? Possibly and rather than or.

  • I've never been refused an Air BnB reservation, but my name's Mark not Adewale...

  • Fair. You are old though, not just white.
    (I've never used Air BnB so don't know what can be gleaned from profiles. Also, obvs all these types of discrimination are shit.)

  • Steady, I'm not drawing my fucking pension!

    Older black men are less likely to be stopped and searched than young black men. But the reason young black men are being disproportionately stopped and searched isn't ageism.

    His profile has his name and a photo.

  • Yeah for sure. I'm not digging around for excuses.

  • Aged like a fine wine or whiskey.

    Am being devils advocate, why give a fuck as long as they pay and leave the place in good condition. Anything other than that rings alarm bells that I would not want to give the shit bag money.

  • Because freedom of expression only applies to things right wing chuds enjoy.


  • Been pleasantly surprised by my work place; when the recent events came out the management sent round an email with the usual empty wording around being against racism & being an inclusive business which I originally thought would be all they'd do and was pretty disappointing (if not surprising) but as a business it looks like more is being done:

    • Rolled out compulsory unconscious bias training across the group, it was all bias but had a focus on race. It was pretty basic training but probably not bad as a first step - personally having read links/articles posted on here plus general looking around, none of it was new to me but as a foundation for other people that maybe haven't done much it was probably a good start.

    • The business is employing an equality role with a remit looking across the whole group, looking to improve diversity

    • They'd already started this but are pushing it more now - running an internship program specifically looking to recruit from different backgrounds rather than the norm for the industry.

    • There are some pretty senior people looking into a few other long term options for boosting diversity & inclusion, with more junior staff being offered the opportunity to help/contribute.

    The industry in general is extremely white & middle class and my employer is a typical example of that so there is a very long way to go but at least they are doing something and spending a decent amount of cash doing it. We'll have to see in a year or so if things really change.

  • Sounds positive. Out of curiosity - what sector/industry?

  • TV production & sales/admin - the actual boots on the ground production teams seem relatively diverse from what I've seen (though there is a lot of "who you know..." there too) but the business management side is really not.
    There's a lot of the more subtle/institutional white privilege stuff eg senior people's children/family friends getting junior opportunities, generally "known" people getting into roles that may not have been widely advertised externally etc... I think the industry in general is a kind of one of those clubs where once you're in you're in but that step of getting in has some considerable hurdles. I think this is what the long term projects for our group are trying to tackle.

    Even outside of race (possibly for a different thread) the northern/southern or middle/working class backgrounds balance isn't really there.

  • @Markyboy Don't think it's an isolated incident, you got me thinking why I've never been able to secure an airbnb booking apparently the hosts can only see your first name and not profile picture or last name now since this. I've got an African first name so would also speculate that is a factor in not once being able to secure a booking, looking at my profile been on there since 2016. Maybe you can name and shame the property...

    Edit: looks like this everyday rasicm as detailed above triggered conversations with airbnb about racial bias search Google for #airbnbwhilstblack sad to see its still as prevalent as ever.

    @Lw. A friend sent me a lecture on rasicm within the TV industry by David Olusoga you can watch here

    sorry if a repost but it is a interesting listen with some shocking experiences.

  • That's interesting and sad. My step daughter and her friend have contacted all the properties and asked them why they denied his booking request and accepted hers, and will then report to Airbnb. They obviously didn't book any of them. I don't have the details I'm afraid.

    I can see my photo when I view my profile, but don't know whether hosts can. As with you, the friend has an African first name so that would be enough to identify him as black. Not being able to see profile photos might explain why my partner, who is mixed race but has an "English" name, has no problems booking properties. Or maybe the majority of hosts are actually OK?

  • In the not-too-distant future, there will be African names will become fashionable with everyone, blurring this distinction. (Yoruba naming culture, for instance, is amazing and will catch on.) This always happens when a country has a significant immigrant population. It just takes some time, usually a couple of generations.

    For the time being, it's a crock of shit that this happens, of course, and it's no consolation that at some point it won't be possible to draw conclusions about someone's background from first names, because by that point it'll probably be a different and newer immigrant culture that gets discriminated against in this way.

  • you got me thinking why I've never been able to secure an airbnb booking

    Wow shit. Didn't realise it was this bad. Have never used it, guess it really relies on reporting of hosts for any kind of policing. Which obviously is problematic when individuals don't see a pattern.

    I wonder if, instead of just having rules about following the law and not discriminating, they should make owners sign and agree a statement. Maybe they already do? Maybe they should make it explicit they can shop offending hosts to the police?

  • I gave up trying to book airbnb under my name because i would always get rejected whereas we've never had one issue when Emma books it under hers. yet another reason why the industry needs to be properly regulated.

  • yoruba naming ceremony and Yoruba names hold a significant value and meaning .Being half Yoruba your name is your totem and sets you on your path.Like many African cultures are very similar in this .
    However living in the west ,people use their ignorance to belittle this pride in names and use as a way to screen africans in every aspect of society .

  • I'm sure there's a few already mentioned upthread but any tips for videos covering unconscious bias regarding race? Watched a few Ted talks on youtube but they were more about gender. There are a million videos on there so any help to narrow it down would be appreciated. Thinking as an introduction to the phenomenon to use at work, so needs to be basic and 10-15 min max.

  • What sector do you work in? The workplace can be a real battleground for rasicm, my most recent example...

    Colleague: I'm not racist when I lived in Africa I really got on with my 'garden boy'.
    Me: That's great but was he actually a young boy or was he an adult?

    Here are a couple of links to get the ball rolling, hope that others can chime in with some links.

    Short films on rasicm in the workplace

    Show rasicm the red card

    Reposting - check your prejudice - cyclist

    Probably another repost Akala - everyday rasicm

    Honestly anything that can stimulate the discourse would help IMO.

  • Thanks, I'll have a look at these. What I need is something to jog the minds of a room full of predominantly white doctors. They're used to being sceptical about everything they're told and to being right about things, so the presentation preferably needs to be fairly sciency and from a source they can grasp, to get them on board. For example there was an animated video about unconscious bias by the royal society which would have been perfect except it didn't go into race specifically and was a bit short.

  • However living in the west ,people use their ignorance to belittle this pride in names and use as a way to screen africans in every aspect of society .

    Why do you think there's a belittling of naming culture going on (assuming you're talking specifically about when applicants (jobs, AirBnB) are excluded based on their (first) names)? Isn't it just that names are used as a trigger for racism?

  • Yes I saw that one also, I'll ask my brother he is an A&E doctor, understand what you mean about ingrained scepticism.

    This video below is also is also from Create not hate and both were created by 17-year-old Emmanuel Areoye. Could be used to further illustrate your points.


  • My brother says nothing comes immediately to mind but did share this.

    'There is a group in London that have created a resource about rashes in children with darker skin tones. Most textbooks use white skin pictures which could lead to people not recognising rashes in darker skin people.'



    Not really what you were looking for but interesting all the same. I'll let you know if he thinks of any other resources.

  • So a dance troupe, did a dance on TV and quite a few people complained as they enacted a pivotal moment in recent history. What am I missing? Is it because of the time it was shown?

    Now attention seeking racist pipes up about the dance, ranting on about muggings, as only black people mug people now. Why is he getting any air time in the press?

    Finally Dilbert creator seems to have really lost it, by claiming antifa movement helped Hitler! Lets not go in to his BLM stance.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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