#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • But people who want to verbalise their racism need to understand there are consequences for it and not just the opprobrium of the Internet/twitter massive but real world physical ones if said black person decides it’s necessary.

    My mate Georges was very keen, when people slung shit at him, to remind them of the physical consequences of their words. He may have even used the line, from Dave Chappelle?, "I've got 400 years of this".

  • potentially damaging to their "brand"

    He's done plenty of this before, not sure that was the only reason for the statement.

    he's been an arsehole for years

    There has been talk of his struggling mental health for years too.

  • Fucking love Dave Chappelle

  • "i'm sorry officer i didn't know i couldn't do that...". Killin them softly is so on point, shame his later stuff wasn't all that.

    Thanks for your thoughts, i have a habit of stepping in after 15 years working night life venues but it's good to be reminded to have more perspective/sensitivity on the situation. No one should be told how to feel about something so deeply offensive and hurtful.

  • To tell you the truth I would probably step in as well, just because I’d be thinking if they did damage to this person and it went to court they’d be in a much more serious situation, whether they felt justified to put one on them or not. And we don’t need anymore black people in jail.

  • I’d be thinking if they did damage to this person and it went to court they’d be in a much more serious situation

    As someone who’s been the target of racial abuse many a time, I try and remember that people can and do die from a single stupid punch thrown in anger. Even when I lived in places with ‘fighting words’ laws on the books (as a defence against assault charges), the potential hassle that would come of seriously harming some ignorant moron outweighs the potential catharsis of cashing their verbal cheques. The few times it’s gone beyond words have been when I’ve felt under clear and imminent threat, but when someone else retaliates physically to ‘just‘ verbal abuse I tend to feel sad for all involved: for the asskicker because they’ve been pushed to a breaking point, and for the asskicked because their choices and life experience have led them to a pummelling. I don’t feel sorry for the asskicked though.

  • The #blackunityride was a resounding success with over a 1000 riders peacefully supporting reparations,blacklivesmatter and black pound day

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  • Meanwhile we have to put up with this shit
    The black community coming out and protesting peacefully.3 arrests I believe for the whole day .

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  • I was out in Brixton yesterday afternoon and it was the least terrifying atmosphere imaginable

  • Plus that photo was taken right by Clapham Common station. Doesn’t quite have the same ring...

  • It was but that type of narrative is all to commonplace

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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