#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • Is that true in the US? Aren't people there shooting each other for minor things like traffic incidents, trespassing, neighbour disputes etc.?

  • I don't understand your question

  • Can you really kick off some shit in public and feel safe in a fucked up country like that with so much gun violence around? I was always told for the US avoid confrontation and if there is any kind
    of trouble get the hell away.
    Basically don't stand your ground because some nutter with a gun might.

  • I think what @sohi is saying is people in the US get killed for all sorts of fucked up reasons and I believe the stats show that more white people die as a result of said stupid shit.

    The people that killed that security guard were black and I've seen plenty of white and black Americans moaning about wearing a mask publicly on the news so i'm still a bit confused.

    I totally understand that white privilege exists I just don't get this example.

  • Yep, I was responding to your first comment!

  • That's what I meant, you can enjoy your white privilege in education, employment and general social advantages but you are still living in the US, not Switzerland.

  • Thinking about it more I know it's naive to believe that black people could act up like some of these "Karens" without risk of putting themselves in harms way which is an example of white privilege.

    But I was confused by the example given because as you say people die daily from endlessly stupid reasons in the states regardless of colour. Would anyone be surprised if a white person got shot over an argument about wearing a mask?

  • @sohi did you type in ‘Karen’ into your search? Have you not heard the amount of bile being spouted in those videos through social media about wearing a mask in public..

    I doubt black men or women would do that.. in fear of being labelled aggressive, feisty, threatening, difficult, troublesome, shot dead

  • I don't know what finding videos of unstable people saying stupid things on camera proves.
    Laughing at Americans being dumb on camera has a long tradition.
    Also who would shoot them? Wouldn't they just be agreeing with the white nutters?

  • Depends a lot where you are. The US is a big place.

    My experience is confined to living in NYC where mentally unstable black men are just as comfortable kicking off as mentally unstable white women.

  • I’m not laughing, because I don’t find any of this funny. In fact I find this belligerent and reckless behaviour extremely disturbing and I don’t see this as just unstable white women but I am seeing this as a growing concern. And not just confined to the US. I see plenty of examples here where I live in Newham and it’s not on youtube. Particularly on public transport and in supermarkets, I rarely see black people young or old not wearing face masks, yet plenty of young white folk think it’s acceptable to not wear face masks and don’t want to be challenged. Just ask any security guard at local supermarket, they are often black and can not enforce government guidance without being confronted with agression

  • I'm confused, can Asians and Hispanics have white privelage?!
    When are people considered black or white?
    Maybe someone can clear this up for me.
    Moroccans: Black or white?
    Turkish: Black or white?
    Italians: Black or white?
    Saudis: Black or white?
    Indians: Black or white?
    Does it upset you when I ask these questions, or is it entirely wrong to use these concepts and nomenclature because they don't fit into the context of American culture?
    I'm asking for the majority! (ie. The rest of the world).

  • You've just joined the forum this month, you've made two posts, one in classifieds, and one here.
    Now I'm not sure if you are trying to be wilfully provocative, or are just ill informed, if the latter I'd suggest you do some googling so you can answer the questions for yourself, if the former you may want to spend the rest of your time on the forum in classifieds, this isn't the thread for you.

  • Some of this has to be around the vague implementation and politicisation of mask wearing. Like, it's just a temporary face covering. Such a dumb thing to be angry over.

  • It feels a lot like the whole "American exceptionalism" thing where Americans are told from birth that they're special and they're free and the collective is less important than the individual etc. Here the mask wearing was communicated as a collective, "lets work together to minimise the risk" thing and probably 99% of people wear them when they should but in honesty, it's far different than the US or the UK even.

  • We’ve all met a Karen. That’s why it resonates. The chances are an entitled, middle class lady leveraging her status in the UK will most-likely be white.

    It feels dangerous though ... to vilifying a group based on class and race. Individuals may be prejudged because their identity fits a stereotype.

    The mask/race thing I don’t understand. The weirdest rant I’ve seen was:


  • vague implementation and politicisation of mask wearing

    I wouldn't be angry if I believed that the outcomes were the same for all people, i only see different consequences from that kind of behaviour..

    but that is just my opinion and clearly not yours..

  • To be clear: not saying you were angry, but the anger of the non-mask people you talked about is silly in my opinion. Because it's only a mask, nothing to get worked up over.

  • karens have been my school teachers ,neighbours, women at the cashpoint clutching her bag ,women who can't bear to follow an instructions at work ,female police officer.The list goes on unfortunately .

  • I find calling people karens and gammons problematic. If you normalise stereotyping people based on race it will perpetuate racism and the cycle continues.

  • Would it be less willful if I post 3 classifieds, two more posts on here. Anything to lower your perception of conflict?
    Just let me know, and I'll happily "conform" to your wishes.

  • Don’t cut yourself on that edge sonny

  • I'm confused, can Asians and Hispanics have white privelage?
    What's the back story to this ,that's an extremely difficult question to answer but I'll start the convo . IMO as race is a social construct and there is one race the human race .While I share physical characterstics with a about a billion people on planet ,the group of people I'm part of are extremely diverse .My DNA isn't different from someone from China or Finland so it could take a long time to start to answer your question .While we were hunter/gatherers someone looking different to you was life threatening .However since European imperialism race has been used to divide and conquer .However I think culture has a much more defining role is one's make up rather physical appearance .I feel there is a racial food chain with Europeans (white people) and Africans (black people )at the bottom and everybody according to their shade and hue in between.I can only talk from my experience not from someone else .We all have racial bias and cognitive dissonance but education and understanding we can change our behaviour .
    Hope this helps.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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