#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • https://www.theguardian.com/global-devel­opment/2020/jul/10/medecins-sans-frontie­res-institutionally-racist-medical-chari­ty-colonialism-white-supremacy-msf

    Interesting link. I work for a different NGO that operates in the same sphere. We have been focusing on de-colonising the organisation. An example of this Central IT is now run from Nairobi instead of the UK. This has been very successful, I arrived at this job having a reasonable amouof experience working with an building global data networks and I’m ashamed to say how surprised I was that the deployments run from Kenya have been quicker and cheaper (and more up to date) than anything I had previously seen.

    Fighting Inequality is one of our primary goals and so we have a lot on internal debate and forums for looking at our own inherent systemic racism and trying to address that.
    What I read about in MSF is not surprising, combining the intent of the organisation with the egos of the type of people that gravitate towards medicine on top of the imperial baggage that stems from western society’s creation myth.
    I see something similar in my own organisation and wonder how difficult it would be to replace the integral bias in a typical British company.

  • THURSDAY, 16 JULY 2020 FROM 18:45-21:00
    How to Argue with a Racist - Dr Adam Rutherford

    Online event on twitch.tv Only need to log on to ask questions.

  • Expecting some about-turns on opinions of the removal of statues after Marc Quinn's new artwork. Wonder how long it lasts?

  • the Colston one did get to be there for fucking years, so I think it's possible to disagree with the immediate removal of one without being hypocritical, even before you get to the moral argument. Re. statues generally, I kind of feel like some must have had their turn now otherwise the world will become overpopulated with commemorative statues...

  • Yeah, for clarity I was talking about those that will suddenly be demanding the immediate removal of this new piece for whatever reasons.

  • sorry I have literally no idea why I'd read it as the other way up facepalm

  • I was worried it could be taken like that, my fault not you!

  • Don't worry, that's the way I read it the first time around. It was only when I thought 'wow, that's a spicy take for this thread' that I re-read and re-evaluated.

    I guess the internet makes us assume the worst of everyone.

  • The Bristol Post comments had to be shut down on both the stories pretty quickly.

    Seems there’s been some memo calling the fringe bigots to arms.

  • 24hrs then.
    Hope it gets voted to be put back up there.

  • Folks exercising their 2A rights in the States.

    Apologies for the video being on Spiked who are demonstrably awful people who should and could be safely ignored on any number of other topics, however couldn't find a similar video elsewhere.


  • Funny how our bias works.

    Initially I was all, "what a charmingly articulate man. He's making some great points."

    Then I thought about it an wondered why on earth you'd want to expand gun ownership in the sorts of areas with higher drug use and mental health issues?

  • That was my reaction, on the face of it his mission didn't sit right with me.

    But is the point that he should be able to make that decision for himself and not have his skin colour determine whether he is "suitable" regardless of it being a good idea or not?

    I'm pretty sure there's plenty of very poor white areas with high drug use and mental health issues, I wonder if they face the same barriers on gun ownership?

  • I agree to some extent. It's a weird one though. Especially the interrelationship between causation

    Fine, the criminal justice system in the US is wildly prejudical against Black and Hispanic people and too quick to give custodial sentences. So that removes many right to bare arms.

    But is the solution to that opening ownership to the whole group of people who have demonstrated they can't follow rules (ie criminals)?

    And while I can well believe that there is nervousness around Black and Hispanic gun ownership by the powers that be, isn't there also a strong link between Democrats and gun legislation and Democrats and urban areas? I mean is that just conspiracy?

  • No mention of the 1994 crime bill, Clinton signed as president (biggest change in American history) which led to mass incarceration and huge funding for the Police.


    RIP John Lewis

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  • Dave Chappelle eluded to white America grave problem with opioid.

  • Bill and Clinton have a lot answer. Their dubious presence in Haiti is source of angst.

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  • Democrats were considered ‘soft on crime’ back then. That bill 25 years ago may have brought some stability and support from the moderate white voters and law makers, but at the cost of black lives imho.:.

    That and the so called ‘war on drugs’ which I’ve seen the destructive legacy at first hand in Colombia feeding into the US to white privilege for cocaine.. and crack cocaine to their less wealthy black neighbours

  • What the Clintons did to Haiti is scandalous

  • On 1st August 2020 we ride in solidarity. Every London based Black cycling collective has been encouraged to come together in the name of unity, love and equality. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼

    Closer to the date we will share a link that will provide a live tracker so you can join us either at the beginning of the ride or at any other point of the ride.

    LIKELY ROUTE (approx 16miles)
    Walthamstow Central Station
    Bakers Arms
    Lea Bridge Road
    Clapton Pond
    Hackney Downs
    Dalston Junction
    Shoreditch Church
    Old Street
    Clerkenwell Road
    Leicester Square
    Trafalgar Square
    Big Ben
    Westminster Bridge
    Lambeth North
    Kennington Road
    Brixton Road
    Brockwell Park

    Please spread the word.

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  • from Lindsay Wesker (Mi Soul DJ) on Twitter..

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  • ...

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  • Bit confused by this. There was a very tragic death of a black security guard who confronted some people not wearing masks but I'm not sure how that equates to white privilege?

  • Knowing that you can kick off in public and have the entitled sense that it isn't going to more likely end in your death (because someone either calls the police on you or you are deemed "unstable" or "unwell"), is white privilege.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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