#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • Thank you for the feedback

  • The last few weeks have brought home to me how much more I need to do. Our daughter will face racism as she grows up, she'll need to learn about her heritage - as things stand I'm not equipped to help her with these things and I need to be.

    All these conversations need to be had - thank you for starting one here.

  • Hi, i had no idea it had sinister connotations. I chose it because I love the colour, slightly obsessively in fact. I even have a custom painted bike with custom Yellow Peril decals. Obviously not my finest moment and proof that in my mid fifties I am not as aware or as woke as i'd like to think I am.
    The bike is for sale
    https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3209­44/#comment14241011 I would knock a couple of hundred quid off to anyone of asian/oriental origin interested. They could erase the decals, tape over them or strip it and sell it for parts and make a profit if they wished.

  • With regard to the BLM March on the Island it was very well attended (circa 1500) and sent IMO a strong message as people marched in silence before "taking a knee" for 9 minutes. I think Islanders were genuinely taken aback at the amount of attendees.

  • anyone of asian/oriental origin

    Don't let the americans hear you say that! (FYI oriental is widely considered offensive in the US as it's a word used to describe inanimate objects rather than people, over here most people don't make that distinction so it just sounds slightly old-fashioned but not offensive. It also doesn't really make geographic sense from America as you have to go a long, long way east before you get to the Orient.)

  • This sounds like a great thing to do and (I imagine) very sobering

  • can the thread title be fixed so it is searchable? maybe "Black Lives Matter - BLM - racism is a human problem" or something of the sorts

    here's a good list of material if anyone is interested. (Via https://www.instagram.com/p/CA6YGf4nhgp/­)

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  • S, I stand with you on this bro.

    Having been on the receiving end of abuse since a kid in the 80's from school days (a lot from the teachers!) and now in the world of work, via some really shit cycling clubs and track cycling coaches, it would be great if things changed. The increased attention now is good, but I do not think things will change that much. I wish I am made to eat my words.

    Knowing that BME individuals are more likely to be stopped by the Police; more likely to face negative Criminal Justice outcomes; less likely to be housed; less likely to get 'that' job; less likely to make it in sport; less likely to receive positive health outcomes; be abused by the Prime minister - racism permeates all social strata. I am continually astounded/impressed when I hear the minority of non-BME standing up and tackling this issue.

    A seismic social upheaval is required and it has to be education and direct action that makes the difference.

  • Thanks Hoefla, looks like i'm not covering myself in glory at all here!

  • Surprised there wasn't a thread too, good move. The best and worst of humanity has been on show in the last fortnight.

  • Well done for starting the thread. My interpretation of the lack of one already was that it was a reflection of the seriousness of the issue.

  • no worries - it really isn't much a of a thing here, just being a fancier way of saying "from the far east". but could give the wrong impression in the US.

  • Thank you for all the feedback they're are to many members to @ but I have scrolled up and read every single comment individually. I will change the thread title so it's easier to find. May we continue to have a safe place to have a discussion.
    I put the same type of message on my work social media and it was deleted in 10 minutes.

  • I also recorded a podcast about the same subject matter last week. Hopefully the podcast episode will be out this week https://www.instagram.com/p/CBNVZ6vgsRQ/­?igshid=3unwb209s8eg

  • Nice.
    Keep at it buddy.
    I'll promise to try my damnedest to do so too.

  • Was actually hoping you were an East Asian with an excellent screen name.

  • And for modern times


  • Has much changed?
    [/Rhetorical question]
    It is time it did.
    I cannot think of a better time, in the course of my life, than now.

  • I think Netflix has made this episode free on YouTube recently.

    Anyway it’s a great succinct explanation of the causes and consequences of systematic racism. Mostly about the US but the same ideas still apply here.


  • Sorry dude not on the outside but very much an NJS loving, Asahi drinking, Kpop listening, Keirin watching guy on the inside

  • I look forward to listening to it.

  • @chokalateboywonder thank you for starting this thread. As others have said this shouldn't of been down to you to start and I'm sorry about my lack of action on the matter, I don't have a good excuse.

    I know for my own growth and understanding I need to read more on the subject matter, especially when it concerns racism in the UK and the home. For too long I've felt watching movies depicting race issues in other countries has taught me something about race and it's clear that I lack understanding about what's been happening on my own doorstep.

    It's difficult to know what to contribute but i'm keen to get involved. As this is a cycling community I'd like to better understand where improvements can be made to improve equality in cycling. Something I've been trying to understand is who the good guys and girls are in the industry. Which teams and brands are promoting diversity and who has transparency over their working policies. I suspect both will be fairly short lists but at least that might make it easier for me and others to support them. I've seen a fair few companies making big statements on social media but I have no idea which are genuine and which are token. Not sure if it's ironic but I've seen far more from the US with regard to promoting black cycling than I have here. Seems crazy that in London we don't have something (at least that I'm aware of) more evident.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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