#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • hahaha.. good work, I’ve not attempted to make sorrel, had it many times at dinner parties.

    The liquor is new on me, too. Wray & Nephew.. defo Jamaican.. the bragging about who has the best rum is an endless topic at our dinner table

    Mrs M will be cooking up a feast this week at my house. I got texted the shopping list.. on that list was every cleaning product known to man and also

    Red Leicester Cheese Large

    This can only be for the Christmas Bun 😆😂🤣 from her favourite..

    Mixed Blessing Bakery
    118 Mitcham Road

    I asked not to bring the hard dough bread, but do bring Auntie’s 🇬🇾 Guyanese oxtail & butter bean stew.. yum 😋

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  • Stew sounds decent! Happy Christmas

  • Have always hated sorrel! My
    Mum is a lover of it..

  • We grew sorrel in our garden when I was a kid.
    Sorrell soup with hard-boiled eggs.
    Euagh!Puke noise.

  • Definitely an acquired taste sorrel is. I love it.

    I also love mauby, dandelion & burdock, also chinotto (bitter orange) from Italy, ice cold only at meal times though.

  • Four day meticulous prep.. this could be the unofficial national dish of Guyana 🇬🇾 , served with rice/peas, plantain, roti, ‘slaw.

    Happy Christmas

  • Top props to Trevor Noah signing off speech on his US show, early this month.

    100% agree. If you want the truth, if you want to keep it real, you know who to ask.


  • Saw this article in the guardian today,

    Interesting reading about modern black conservatives, and how Cameron’s push for a more diverse selection list has lead us to rishi sunak as pm, this section made me think..

    “many African and Caribbean people hold naturally conservative views on religion, education and work ethic, but the Conservative party still has work to do in making them feel welcome”

  • this section made me think..

    More than 20 years ago, I can remember some of the saner Tory politicians pointing this out. That knee jerk defence of historical racism was alienating some people who would otherwise vote Tory. The Tory grassroots didn’t want to hear it then, though, and they still don't show much sign of being willing to listen.

  • Interesting article on the discovery of a sunken slave ship, and the discussion or lack of around wrecks which carried slaves..


  • Great article and looks like an interesting series too

  • As a counterpoint to the article on the new wave of black tories, is this column from Dianne Abbot on the rollback of the home office reforms/recommendations that came out of the Windrush Inquiry.
    The way children of that generation have been treated was and is horrific, what the home office put them through with their “hostile environment” policy and how slack they are being in paying out to remedy that policy shows ultimately what the tories and this government feel about black people, and their rights.


  • No idea about Save our Statues but the renaming has been very controversial.

    There were multiple council consultations, all of which were in favour of not renaming the street, and even the Trustees of the George Padmore Institute (which John La Rose founded) were against it:

    'We feel the renaming proposal, in the way it has been conceived and is being carried out, is not one which John himself would have supported, nor is it in tune with his vision of the importance of people having access to and knowledge of all their history so that they can then make their own independent judgements.

    'It is clear that the renaming proposal was not serious because (a) John La Rose's' closest family and friends were not consulted in advance, and (b) the biographical note presented to residents about who John La Rose was, and why he should be honoured in this way, was flimsy, shoddy and tokenistic.

    'We also understand that there is a considerable cost in changing the name of a road and we feel that, at a time like this, when there are so many other more urgent calls on the Council's finances, it is inappropriate to be spending money in this way.'

    I think the eventual cost came at about £500k (EDIT: seems this may be way out) which, unsurprisingly, hasn't been viewed that favourably in the current climate.

  • More or Less just did a piece on the costs, though not the decision itself. £186,000 was the original upper estimate, but actual costs currently at £53,670.04 + some admin costs.

  • Interesting, I'll have to have a listen to that. Do you know which it was on, can't spot it on the episodes list?

    Right at the start there was an expectation that there may be a cost of ~£200k upwards in compensation amounts paid to the households and businesses along there for costs and time incurred in updating their info, I guess if that was significantly cut it's not surprising that it got so little support. On top of that there would obviously be the consultations and actual renaming costs.

    Given how long it has dragged on I'd be impressed if it was done for ~£50k.

  • Here we go. Skip to 14'07": https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001hp­5w
    Seems that not all of the vouchers for compensation have been used yet, so that part could increase, but council quoted as saying total will still be 'way below £180,000'. But yes, if the vouchers value was reduced, that would bring things down.

    I hadn't heard anything about the renaming till this week, living southside as I do, but was interested as so many local issues like this get mangled in the retelling.

  • Cheers, I'll have a listen.

    It's pretty local to me so I followed the story at the start but then it became incredibly partisan which made following it hard work.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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