#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • The audience I’d say 98% white.

    Sounds like a hip-hop gig, TBF even in London where a good 13% of the population is black, you're going to get big proportion of white people making up the audience unless it's something quite specific and Curtis Mayfield has a pretty broad appeal. Can't comment on the music but it warns you of Jamiroquai on the poster, so you've only got yourself to blame.

    Also white people can’t dance

    Hey now, white people only learn to dance after taking MDMA, and the knowledge fades the longer it's been since we've had it, you can't blame us for that.

    couples in their 50’s or dads wearing hats hanging out with their kids

    Dude was big in the 70s, those couples would've heard him as kids and now have kids.

    Sorry you had a shit gig but this seems like an odd thread to post about it in.

  • Thanks @snottyotter yeah Jamiroquai was the clue and I should have read up on Nick Piller.

    I’m all for celebrating black excellence in music, but rarely does it feel genuine, or appreciated appropriately.

    I am in my 50s too, grew up with Curtis Mayfield but like the audience, conditioned to experience his music in the same way. I can’t blame others for attending the gig and they were having a good time.

    As for hip hop audiences being predominantly white.. this is not true, it wasn’t that long ago at the Forum, Kentish Town I saw EPMD live. My generation was there, wearing track suits, kangol hats, trunk jewellery. Most were black men out with their mates. Kentish Town is as mixed a neighbourhood as there could be. It was an epic night, my tribe, my vibe.

  • As for hip hop audiences being predominantly white

    Yeah, bit of a joke comment.

  • without the Beastie Boys and Eminem, perhaps the white audience would be less relevant.

    Hip Hop of old like Curtis Mayfield came from the wrong side of town.. provided a social commentary, alien to most of us. That is why I posted here and why his music in particular shouldn’t be celebrated in this way.

  • without the Beastie Boys and Eminem, perhaps the white audience would be less relevant

    What about the Vanilla Ice fan?

  • If Elvis Presley, Vanilla Ice, Jay Kay were black would they have all been treated differently by the industry, press, fans..

    It appears convenient that when success came, privilege/amnesia around race and origin of black music too easily forgotten.

  • Some white men in their 50s can dance (and can still dunk too) :)

    I remember seeing PE and the Beasties at Brixton many years ago, I was probably one of only 50 white people at the show, unfortunately one of those other 50 was the warm up DJ.

  • If Elvis Presley, Vanilla Ice, Jay Kay were black would they have all been treated differently by the industry, press, fans..

    100% agree. Not sure that relates to the racial make up of an audience though which is more to do with the general mass appeal of the artist and where they're playing. If artists of any race are generally popular in a majority white place the audience will likely be mostly white.

  • It would be interesting to know how many white people saw Curtis Mayfield live on stage though, at a venue on the wrong side of town.

  • Some white men in their 50s can dance (and can still dunk too) :)

    Is this a reference to white men can’t jump?

  • I'm guessing not loads. But his wider appeal and success got his important message out to a lot of people, same goes for the success of other music of black origin. Obviously it's important to recognise where it comes from but it shouldn't be gatekept.

  • Barbados is the most British of all the Caribbean island.
    So conservative due to its conditioning. It would good to start acknowledging this .
    Right now they are only a Republic in name and it will start to take years to become free from the shackles of slavery and colonialism

  • Northern soul and 2 tone are a complete corruption of the original sources

  • 😭 I love a bit of 2 tone and have had a good (well, enjoyable) dance at a northern soul night or two.

  • Unless it's rare groove which has a sub culture marinated in UK street sound than the audience is gonna be mostly white. We tend to hold tight to our music and any culture vultures are quickly ousted .
    So there are many subgenres mainstream hasn't got a clue.

  • These should keep me healthy for the summer.

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  • They look interesting, how do you usually take them? There's a couple of shops round here that might stock them and I'm usually up for trying new things.

  • The hibiscus 🌺 plant staple in the Caribbean and west African cultures

  • Would it be a good idea to have a miscellany of black origin thread or something for chat that's related but not necessarily about racism or BLM stuff? Feel free to tell me to fuck off and for obvious reasons I won't be starting it.

  • I am always offered sorrel when visiting friends for dinner parties, diluted and served with ice. Mauby was our accompanied drink in Barbados. Bitter tasting but both have health benefits. I am generally replacing alcohol at meal times, hence my recent purchase. I found these in a local store ‘Abundance Grace’ on Barking Road.

  • I'm imagining a non alcoholic Jägermeister kinda vibe for both, bottle on the right makes me think more cinnamon feels. Round here is Manchester but there's plenty of local West Indian shops, if I get really stuck my old boss from a decade or so back is a slightly post windrush era Jamaican guy who owns the first LBS I mechaniced at and would probably laugh at me and point me in the right direction.

  • Mauby is widely consumed in the Caribbean. I think Baldwins, in Walworth Rd.. south London stock the bark. It will be a faff to prepare from scratch, but batch brewing for a meal or dinner party makes sense if you can get all of the other ingredients too (in Manchester) which I plan to do once my concentrate in bottle has finished.

    Check out this video, interesting comment about polarising views of mauby. I personally love it, my GF hates it, possibly since childhood experience. As you will see, influences from China and India here along with native mauby bark. Guyana and Trinidad will have these influences in their cooking too.


    Loads of health benefits, lowering blood pressure, helps also arthritis sufferers and reduces risk of diabetes.

  • On this day (today) in 1948, Empire Windrush arrived from Jamaica to London, courtesy of the government and its sovereign. To offer opportunity, fortune, to rebuild this country after world war 2.


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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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