#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • Regardless, struggle is struggle.. very few black families have any sort of privilege. Those that do, perhaps through generational wealth will have taken a long time to establish 50-70 years. With little/no guarantees or protection. It’s a hard mantra, not easy to navigate. Mums are often the driving force willing their children to succeed, to get a foothold in society.

    What appalls me, is how we lose so much talent and skill, discarding young black men and women even here in the UK.. the stats are shocking

    Arthur Miller ‘playwright’ talks about his parents forced into poverty during the 30’s depression and 50’s golden era filled with broken promises as the wealth gap widened despite opportunities across the US.

    So the statement stands, strive for excellence, live your best life, find your best hustle, take nothing for granted.

  • So the statement stands, strive for excellence, live your best life, find your best hustle, take nothing for granted.

    Yeah man, not trying to take away from that at all, just feels like statements like that can be equal parts inspiring for some and overbearing pressure for others, little setbacks equalling not living up to unattainable standards when getting by can be a victory in and of itself.

  • https://youtu.be/kYotRmOWj7s

    screening 8th June on BBC 1 at 8.30pm

  • The “White Fashion” episode of the current Atlanta season is so good

  • This generation has been so short changed ,it's criminal.

  • Why does part me think that it is some sort of scam to get people to turn up and then be deported.

  • Dunno, why don’t you ask the board of directors and trustees


    Maybe not a scam but should we trust immigration officials not to be tracking venue and events..

    I will remove the poster, in case the feds are reading

  • Bridgetown, Barbados
    memorial is quite something

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  • We have had a great time in Barbados, however colourism is very prevalent especially in the all inclusive resort. 95% white and British holidaying, staff exclusively black and from the island... and this has affected;

    • where we are seated in the restaurant
    • when we get served in the bar
    • when our food order arrives
    • how we are treated

    I can only put this down to social conditioning from colonial rule. I have had some conversations with the younger staff who have taken jobs mostly out of necessity, due to lack of opportunities or not affording further education. And I certainly don’t blame them.

    But our holiday wasn’t just about our stay, most memorable time have been outside either on the water or with two sets of GF’s cousins.. aka baby cuz (Guyanese back street life) and auntie cuz (privileged life) both given us access to very different lens of Barbados most won’t get to see.

    There are many parallels with the UK after centuries of iron rule, education is to a high standard for literacy, numeracy etc. but seen through the British lens..

    I hope with their new republic status that welcome is afforded to all races visiting this island.

    Lord Nelson’s plinth still sits empty, maybe (Auntie) Mia Mottley will be celebrated one day


  • This is a depressing read, as it confirms that the hostile immigration policy in this country didn’t just start with Theresa May, but has been woven into immigration to the uk from the start.
    No wonder they didn’t want it being published..

  • I agree Corny, this is very depressing to read :( also doesn’t surprise me that many people in the West Indies today, don’t want to visit the UK, even to see relatives.

    Returning back to UK last week, I felt no love, no embrace, no welcome, only rudeness, rush, coldness..

  • Dried Mauby Bark.. I need to find this locally, refreshing healthy drink

  • Oh man, mauby bitters brings memories back

  • definitely not a fan.
    My mum had some in liquid form a while back I'll ask her where she got it from. Or where you can get the bark from. There's probably a stall in brixton or peckham market that will do it.

  • that and sorrel..

    I also read that soursop leaves make a brew that fights cancer cells.. lots of myth busting though for pro chemotherapy treatment.

  • Thanks Corny.. I need to lower my bad cholesterol levels.. Statin is awful too many side effects, Mauby less awful no side effects

  • I'm out on the sorrel too..
    Damn you and your weird taste buds

  • Haw is good for lowering cholesterol. Supposedly.

  • mauby and sorrel, definately both an acquired taste.

    me like weird, bitter, sour tastes like marmite, chinotto (from san pellegrino), radishes, passion fruit...

  • How to ruin a decent bottle of beer :)

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  • Completely at odd with the government race report where they claim that the UK "no longer" had a system rigged against minorities.

  • we wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be accepted, respected, and (above all) loved for who they are, without exception

    if we ever needed a motto... ^this^
    not just around race but gender, age and everything ..
    happy jubilee week
    almac xx

  • so here’s a thing, I love Curtis Mayfield’s music, along with Bobby Womack and James Brown.

    However, I took GF to this gig last night, DJ set by Eddie Piller (co-founder of acid jazz records with Giles Peterson) was truly awful and why the f@rk was I listening to northern soul and even Paul Weller songs, certainly didn’t provide the hype build up for the main event. The band of twelve minus lead singer and the guy on percussion were all white. The audience I’d say 98% white. Also white people can’t dance, couples in their 50’s or dads wearing hats hanging out with their kids. I didn’t hear or see any improvisation which is what I was expecting given event title that an orchestra will be playing. At best a tribute band made up of ex members from Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies, Incognito who played all of Mayfield’s classic tunes in the first 30 minutes. No stage presence, no vibe, the stage lighting was meh, are people so keen to hear live music to accept this dross? I suppose the location says alot. We split early to catch DJ Femi Fem in town to find our tribe.

    rant over

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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