#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • Young people of colour were reminded very quickly where they stood in food chain.

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  • Also, England getting to their first final in God knows how many years and then losing it is a cause for optimism that they can do better at the next tournament--Germany were World Cup runners-up in 1982 and 1986 before winning it in 1990--, not a cause for despair that it could be a one-off. And Black players will again play a major part in the next one.

    (Plus, penalty shoot-outs are and have always been a rubbish way of deciding a match, let alone a tournament, and finals at least should have replays, and sod TV schedules.)

  • It turned visoral so quickly a lot of young people felt unsafe which took us back 60 years where people had to move around in groups just to feel safe.Ive said on many occasions I'm sick of talking .

  • It is shameful situation.

    The online abuse of the players, how many will actually get charged for the hate crimes.

  • Ironically, the extent to which people attach significance to football is closely related to the degree of inequality--if you can't get decent treatment from politics, you look for something outside of that as a (n inadequate) replacement, panem (foodbankem, I guess) et circenses--, a lot of inequality is rooted in racism, so entirely logically, when the national football team lose, you take it out on the Black players to make inequality and racism worse--rinse, repeat, divide-and-rule.

  • summer of soul

    Watched it tonight. As you say, so much education - the Pop Staples story, 5th Dimension were a black group (!),Jesse Jackson’s Black Bread Basket project, Ray Barettos fashion sense being even worse than I remembered, too much to list really. The space segment was funny, I loved the quote
    “Black man wants to go to Africa, white man wants to go to the moon, I’m going to stay here with the Puerto Rican’s and have me some fun”

  • Sorry to hear and hope you heal fast. Marvin Bartley spoke very well about this on Newsnight just now.

  • Sorry to hear this man. If you were in London and wanted to get your bike back I'd be up for helping. Hopefully still at the SOC and you can just pick it up, wishful thinking I know. Heal up.

  • Arresting article on why some shows that are about black experiences but aren’t driven by trying to appease a white gaze didn’t get Emmy nominations..


  • "Three tropes of white victimhood" Informative article about how the "victimhood" bleats of modern white supremacists like Tucker Carlson go back to the civil war and beyond.

  • Mrs M and I were at Rise up for Sickle Cell event on Thursday night, with Andrew Roachford and DJ Femi Fem, a memorable event with plenty of auction bizniz from Bonhams, catwalks and artwork.

    So, it’s only right to share this petition;

    Petition: Add Sickle Cell to the Prescription Charge Exemption List

    thanks y’all
    Almac xx

  • I think that's more about infrastructure, as in they don't expect their roads and houses to collapse on such a scale and that the warning systems would work. Floods are not that unusual in Germany but they usually play out slower.

    Also they will of course buy themselves out of the resulting damage, much more than Haiti or Bangladesh.

  • @sohi, I get that and obviously it is very distressing for those affected by the flooding in Germany.

    I didn’t post this to be unkind but her comment to me read that ‘it is acceptable when it happens some where else’, not ‘now we know what it must be like to live in Haiti or Bangladesh, where these tragic events are happening more frequently and the struggle to survive and rebuild communities more challenging than ever.

  • https://www.instagram.com/p/CR4D5SFKX8p/­

    I refuse to believe that Cinelli didn't get the memo. No way in hell this isn't intentional.

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  • I don't read any 'acceptable' in her statement - I read 'expect' - it's well-known that in poor countries many people are dying in floods. It isn't unexpected. It is a shock when it happens to your street/region, for the first time, and all your advanced infrastructure, well-built housing and comfortable living conditions can't protect you.

    However - there is absolutely racism (and unconscious bias) in 'our' broader acceptance of what is happening. Climate disaster is - 'shit happens to someone else - who happens to overwhelmingly be black and brown' - someone should do something, yeah it's not good but I'm not really going to put myself out over it. There is a disconnect - most people when asked would say it's tragic, it's not acceptable - but their (lack of) actions show an underlying acceptance. There is also an acceptance that it's just what happens rather than really confronting the unprecedented changes even in countries that historically flood, have wildfires, storms etc. But I wouldn't pin all of that on her statement.

    And then when it happens in Germany and British Columbia to 'people like us' that is the trigger to thinking 'shit I really don't want this to be happening'. In the UK we also have in the back of our minds that it is mild and temperate climate - and although sea level rises and Gulf stream fuckups are going to be pretty bad, there is a complacency that it doesn't feel bad yet and I think Germany in particular is a wake-up call for the UK. It will help with the affinity bias (people like us) but it still it won't help with the fundamental human nature of - well it's not happening to me. We also see even within the UK people aren't that agitated when flooding is happening to someone else and it's not on their doorstep.

    As @sohi suggests - being flooded out and having to rebuild in Germany is very much not 'knowing what it must be like to live in Haiti or Bangladesh'. I think even in her shocked state she might realise that.

  • I haven't looked for a fuller version of the video, but with extremely tightly-edited things like it, I always wonder if it's been taken out of context.

    The main shock for Europe is that one of its main advantages is its stable climate. If that is threatened, I think Europe actually stands to lose more than places where the unstable climate is a given.

    As you say, people aren't even that concerned as long as it doesn't happen too close to them, but as the 'new' certainty goes: 'Nowhere is safe.'

  • I came here to mention this. I know Cinelli have had some pretty questionable design choices of late, and there's no way that it's not intentional on their end, but surely Paul Smith knows better than this? Has he (or whoever is working for him) had any history of being a racist idiot?

  • https://blackunitybikeride.com/

    i am not in London this weekend, i would have loved to join this and encouraged GF to take part..

  • new certainty, 100% agreed.

    going really off topic now, Employer instructed our climate change consultant for a 150 year look ahead for Central London two years ago. the biggest threat to Central London has always been flood risk, given the proximity of our site, this was never going to bode well.

    Predictions are becoming reality our experts know the Thames better than anyone, that warning started 30 years ago.

    also look at Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain today wild fires and relentless heatwave..

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  • Note how far campania is inland, and hilly/mountainous.

  • That has got to be something, hope it is a dig at defeffel.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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