#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • ^When I turned up at school with a new bike I was asked by a parent 'did the school get it for you?' I was a bit confused by told them no I bought it from a shop. Went home and mentioned it to my partner and she was well pissed off. She said I bet they didn't ask the other white parent with the brompton if he needed help to afford his bike. ^

    ^Hope your partner gets the mentor position, would be surprised if they have that conversation with her. Every time I've brought up racial bias within the workplace even in an 'official' capacity my company has just ignored it.^

    @Sifta do you know if they will open up recruiting again in areas that are currently closed to new applications?

  • @Settle very sorry, I honestly don't know. I just responded to UCLH, and booked on. (Which still looks open). I have no special knowledge of the study.

  • No worries thanks for posting it, I found an email on the site and I'll send them a message. Hope you feel alright.

  • wankers, you should have said; its more expensive than your nissan qashqai

  • @Alf0nse gotta speak the truth, some people cant handle it, this should never be your wife's problem. Mentoring within your own profession is a rewarding element of work, gives confidence, purpose and job fulfilment. I hope your wife is offered the role.

    @settle we are about to have some very uncomfortable conversations at work, I have highlighted within our newly formed EDI group that we have no black representation, and that makes EDI meaningless and worthless, in my opinion. I am glad however that, our Canadian colleagues are ahead of us. Their first challenge of 2021 is tackling social exclusion of first nationals, the perception of living in a borrowed land, through the lens of silent indignation.

    In terms of future hires in our company, we are proposing blind recruitment, remove names and genders from applications, okay we have to accept that if you studied or worked abroad that might lead to racial bias. But let's see if that works among the first round appraisals. After face to face interviews have taken place, I'd like to know why an applicant hasn't been selected, on what observation and evidence. I want the decision makers to justify their selection, at which position and pay grade.

    Because not only is there a gender pay gap at work, we need to see the racial pay gap also.

  • but the advantages of a “good school” are not so subtle.

    I would add that the advantages of the right university and course at the university. Have had job interviews where the role wasn't discussed but the university I went to and Lecturers.

    Fingers crossed for you wife, as she sounds like she can make a difference.

  • Priti Patel...basically don't protest, and she doesn't agree with the BLM movement.


  • It’s heartbreaking to hear one of the most senior Black, Asian and Minority ethnic politicians in the UK gushing with her derision against the protest for greater race equality, even the most passive protest in history- Taking the knee- . Sadly, our Home Secretary fails to understand that the protest that she so gleefully derides are the very same protests that have pathed the way for her to become a Home Secretary, and for others to follow. How painfully ironic.. Lord Simon Wholley


    She is a pathetic racist cow...

  • As someone who self identifies as blame I can see why she attracts derision. From humble upbringing she has risen to the heights of the corridors of the nation. However as a north londoner she comes across as anbit of an hard bitch some sort of coconut gangster enforcer to the white public school mafia, the etonian and bullingdon boys bit of rough so brain washed and nasty it's like she has Stockholm syndrome. On the other hand being someone who has seen the inside of indian psyche they can have a particularly viscous and sadistic almost self hatred racist streak. I remember living in edmonton area when a horrible murder took place in the late 90s and the inner ethnic dimensions framed me right out. It isn't all black and white and those that have power can wield it in unexpected ways. I was arrested once by a south asian policeman once for a mild swearing while being stopped late in town and he enjoyed the power he had. Thing is she alienates the demographic they've appointed here to appeal to. Cant see her going far next parliament to be honest. On top of the wondrush scandal comments like this wont fare the torys well.

  • As someone who self identifies as blame


    the inside of indian psyche they can have a particularly viscous and sadistic almost self hatred racist streak.

    not identifying much with the A in BAME.

  • I thought it was a for and? Cant understand most of these woke millennial terms best kept simple. For example if it was a for asian as in black asian minority ethnic. Well asian could mean anything from Turkey china russian indonesian sri lankan japanese ect. Americans understand it to men oriental in our sense of the word. However I was born of an indian on one side so I kind of have some perspective. Been to india 7 times lived in north london area around Tottenham enfield wood green willesden Stratford. Used to commute to where priti grew up. I have seen some interbrace tensions and experienced them from both ends of the spectrum being mixed race. I dont say these things lightly. The trouble with politicising race issues are hard to fathom. Different ethnicities coexist harmoniously mist of the time and its unfortunate an asian women in a position of power has made quite a raabesque statement that opens her and the ethnic group she belongs to for some criticism. The preceding comment in mind "racist pig". The fact is it is possible to become slightly fascistic when endearing oneself to tory ideology. Yes some indians are racist so are some chinese pr black or anyone. There are those in any community whose desire to assimilate and ingratiate can lead them to step on or over others, call the pot , whatever . I have seen racism in england between ethnic minorities and confusingly experienced it in india to some extent. Very odd as it sounds it was there all over the place from all directions in a way worse than in a uk building site or what you got in school in th 70s and 80s. Well not quite

  • Pig cow oh no in for it now....nah priti ain't too bad poor cows. They are holier than thou. Hahaha

  • Moved the thread to miscellaneous as I discovered we'd managed to get LFGSS into the top 5 pages of results for #blacklivesmatter and that this is why we were attracting trolls and other idiots and racists.

  • Nice one for keeping it on the front page for so long. 🙏

  • Our fingers are crossed that Sharon Martin makes this years nominations 'Academy Award for best make up and hair design on Jingle Jangle (15 march 2021), some brilliant explanation in Sharon’s interview about working on the Netflix production. The great thing about successful Christmas movies is that they bring joy and spectacle year after year. 🤞🏽


  • So what did I miss

  • Open university video on the myth of race.
    Knew most of this but still good to be reminded that race as we know it, has been constructed by society and there is no biological basis for it..


    (Can’t embed the video, if someone can please do)

  • Corny this is a great reminder thanks for sharing.

  • Yes, a good summary.

    I think the focus is good, but alongside all of that one should also have an explanation of the parallel slavery issue. Slavery has always existed, and still exists today, and for millennia people were enslaved without any reference to race. It was just a part of the (usual, more often than not) tripartite division of society, into people who were free/had rights and owned stuff, people who were free/had rights but didn't own stuff (or only very little), and people who were neither free/had rights nor owned stuff (slaves). There have been many variations of this through the ages, but this is the basic pattern. Much of the time, the main ownership that was at issue was of land. Also, if your tribe/whatever lost a war, many of you were going to be enslaved.

    By the time modern colonialism happened, there was a resurgence of ethical ideas in the Renaissance, and then in modern thought, that made more people more unhappy about the idea of slavery, which therefore 'needed' a new foundation. As it happened, the people being colonised/enslaved were mostly different shades of brown, so that then you had this idea that they were suitable as slaves because of that, and what that led to may well have been the worst slavery in history.

    While Linnaeus is an important source, people like him merely reflected extant prejudice, and disdain for Africans, for example, was also based on Europeans' perceived religious and technological 'superiority' (gunpowder, military organisation--if you conquer them or divide-and-rule them, you can then look down on them irrespective of how advanced culturally they may be). Needless to say, that he provided the connection to 'biology', and therefore the 'scientific' side was an important step, but this wasn't science as such, but the tail wagging the dog.

    It's always important to be careful when saying things like 'scientific racism', because even if you provide a decisive rebuttal of it in the same breath, you're still risking the implication that it's 'scientific', when actually it isn't. Just because it was done by a scientist doesn't mean it is or was ever scientific. There was never any method or any scientific acumen in it, same as with later rubbish like 'phrenology' and other absurd claims. Of course, most people understand that perfectly easily, but you always get excessively literal people who will hear the words and assume that because there's a word for it, the concept actually maps onto the world just in the way that it appears in words.

    It also has to be emphasised that while it's interesting to trace the usage of the word 'race', of course prejudice against other groups is as old as the hills, and where in later discourse 'race' did a good deal of the heavy lifting when it came to emphasise 'otherness', prior to that there were other ideas that did essentially the same job, like religion, e.g. in pogroms against Jews and Muslims, missions to the 'heathens', etc. I'm not too optimistic that people won't always find something like that, much as even today they continue to pick from the various options that still persist.

  • Embedding fail

  • earlier this week i sat on a call listening to a very brave man talk about his life (incidently, he works on the largest restoration project on the planet with me), as a homeless gay man seeking his fortune and freedom in London in the 80s, with his adopted family The House of Perpetual Hope living from one squat to the next, the extravagant balls aka Pose, illegal house parties. He is white all his adopted siblings and mother are/were black, flamboyant, sexy, either straight, gay, drag queens, trans, dealing with racial violence from the Police and society, endless prejudice within the gay community, coping and coming to terms with the tragic loss of those closest to him from AIDS and drug addiction. I responded in thanks after that presentation in the comments with;

    in the middle of a pandemic, it is easy to forget the struggles and resilience that has been and is still required. To break this social construct around us, we must first listen and learn. Thank you so much for giving us that opportunity.

    we need to end the echo chambers and talking shops that exist. my work is within the heart of democracy, i sometimes wonder what that really means, but being the UK it'll be another f*cking footnote of social commentary and lost on alot of people.


    this is probably not the right place for this comment, so apologies.. maybe needs to move to the rant thread..

  • @almac68 was going to ask you, why you reckon your Canadian colleagues are ahead of the UK counterparts in terms of diversity in the workplace? I've been talking to my partner about this as she spent 8 years living there after she left Jamaica as a teenager and I think would agree with you.

    Also I enjoyed joining this last Friday and there's another one tonight, you have to register but it is free. Tonight's one is about Sam King.


  • @settle thanks for the question, I can’t give an in-depth answer just yet, but I think that Canada have witnessed endless injustices in the US and want to tackle their own challenges differently.

    I am hosting a global talk at work on 1 March to celebrate zero discrimination day, with courageous conversations from four exceptional people reference to social mobility, race, trans gender, disability (lack of) social cohesion, (lack of) diversity in the workplace.

    When I have a better understanding from my Canadian speaker I will report back.

    I will check out CaribbeanTales TV

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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