#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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  • @jono84 you said that you had ‘black friends‘ since you were young. Sounds superficial if you didn’t stay in touch. You choose to live in SE London, black people live there too, right?

    What are you most comfortable with? I don’t have a problem with this, these are your choices not mine. Also I have lost friends over BLM this year, out of principle. I guess loyalty to my GF has had influence in my opinions

  • Sounds superficial if you didn’t stay in touch.

    I'm not in touch with many people from my past. I have a very small network of people I'm close with and I don't make friends easily. I ended up where I am as I could afford it and my family are from here (I live opposite where my mum and aunt went to school). The few people I've met in SE London have largely been through here.

    I don't know what being comfortable has to do with it? If I like someone and they like me back there's a chance we'll become friends. My point was that since being in SE London I have had few meaningful interactions with black people as outside of work and bikes (which are both pretty white environments) I don't get out much. Not having any close black friends hasn't stopped me loving all the things I loved when I was younger or wanting things to be much better than they currently are for the black community.

  • Anyway, I should follow up with I'm here to learn and if there's things I can and should be doing I'll do my best. Friendship is a difficult subject for me but I'd like to think race hasn't/doesn't come into it.

  • we are all here to learn and listen, me included. my truth is I have only four real friends i can turn to get through the best and worst of times. i agree that race should not come into it. take care @jono84

  • interesting article about how "liberals" (US version) are not practising in real life what they are preaching on social media.


  • Thanks for sharing bro
    I started to read it but stopped halfway I will go back and give proper feedback.
    The real problem is that real activism is extremely difficult. It's nice to be an anti-racist online but in real life, it's a different ball game. Racism, in a nutshell, is a white problem, A lot of work needs to be done from within looking at why It's ok to treat people of color like we are less than or complicit in maintaining the status quo. Clearly have people of color have been shouting how unfair this system is for far too long. This feeling that we have leaves us exhausted.

  • My wife's cousin has been told he may be deported to Jamaica having been here since young, he got into a fight with someone he knows. When Priti harps on about how the people being deported are 'vile criminals' 'murderers and rapists' I don't think that she is being particularly honest.

  • Between her and that fool on LBC they've been spreading vile rumours about wind rush deportees who have been caught in an hostile environment .

  • @Settle @chokalateboywonder

    this makes me so angry, who is checking these haters??

  • The 70's tory posters of removing the forin people has taken a few years to come to fruition..

  • As the facts (truth) of the windrush deportees seem to disagree with that point of view.

  • Priti Patel acts as an agent for the system

  • I looked up what that lbc presenter said about Jamaican deportees, he should really be taken off the air now, it's shit there is an appetite for his hatred.

  • There's a petition going around but he's been doing for years. He pretends to be objective but he's clearly a racists

  • Feels like you (lbc)can say what you like using the defence of free speech. Imagine the media out cry if anything like that was said against Israel.

    EDIT you earn extra (was going to say brownie points, but probably not a great idea as it can be taken the wrong way) points for calling people woke or snowflake.

  • https://youtu.be/-uIOudIgdDo

    this podcast is quite talking about white centering

  • As relieved as I am that joe Biden (legal challenges apart) has won the us presidency, what scares me is that 57% (or close to that number) of white people voted for trump! Over half the white population of the United States voted for a man whose been a racist throughout his political “career”.

    Unfortunately >80% of people will never vote for the "other" party. Ever. Absolutely never. This is because in the US there are a few key issues that some people will never stand for. I am in that 80%. Luckily (ha!), I am liberal.

    I will never accept making abortion illegal under the guise of 'beating heart' bullshit, ignoring gun violence in the name of personal liberties, unusually strict immigration practices in the guise of mitigating gang violence, breaking down gay/trans rights, etc. Therefore I will always vote liberal, even if it means voting for a candidate who is "a weak, expensive, pro regulation, antichrist socialist who wants to defund the police." On a different forum, one could paint me me in a very different light.

    on the other hand, there are folks who will never accept shrinking the military, weakening the dollar, opening the borders, regulating wall street, etc.... Even if it means voting for a "racist, corrupt, fascist, etc...." anyway.

    one thing I find inexcusable is the perception your favorite point of view is somehow superior to another. Liberal - such as myself - are assholes! self serving, self righteous assholes.
    we are just as myopic and close-minded as conservatives are.

    I like to summarize my point with lawn signs. An example is this political lawn sign. Liberals think this is "funny" or some educated version of light hearted. They are wrong. This is just as repulsive and offensive as this one

    We could all do better to try understand the other side before expecting them to understand us. This isn't suggesting that we should empathize with racist people. But rather to suggest that none of us are perfect and that it is okay to admit that. For example, I admit that I have tiny shreds of racism in me; I am not perfect. This admission helps me to get other people to admit it to themselves and work towards improvement. Some people aren't even at the 'self aware' stage of racism, and I think getting to that stage is the first step. I think it's useful to try to help other get to that stage.

    anyway on and on. It is one of my dreams that one day we do not see races or sexes or genders, and instead we see humans. I am not there, and I doubt I ever will be, but I try and I also try to raise my children in a way that they stand a chance of getting there.

  • Bring back rep..

  • Enjoyed these old films on the BFI player.


  • These look great, thanks for sharing

  • It is one of my dreams that one day we do not see races or sexes or genders, and instead we see humans. I am not there, and I doubt I ever will be, but I try and I also try to raise my children in a way that they stand a chance of getting there.

    In terms of diversity, I believe it is important to celebrate our differences. And recognise our own unconscious bias. Not just toward protected characteristics but how we behave around everyone in our society.

  • Am reading on right wing social media that BLM protests, amongst others, are to blame for more covid. Oh sorry buried under the comment of did he tell protestors to protest something that happen in the US to protest for weeks? As I have been called a racist in the past on here, can someone explain why this shite is not being called out?

    Also why do I have so many right wing (now we are talking hugo boss uniform wearing) motorbike people riding german and japanese bikes. Can you explain that to me?

  • Also why do I have so many right wing (now we are talking hugo boss uniform wearing) motorbike people riding german and japanese bikes. Can you explain that to me?

    Is that not just that most motorbikes are Japanese or German?

  • Anyone had the sky sports against racism add pop up on facebook? The comments are prefect picture of what a racist society we live in.

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#blacklivesmatter racism is a human problem

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