Build a bike around a saddle?

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  • In the future bottom brackets will be measured in inches. Like they ought to bloody be!!

  • I am looking forward to complaining about my chainline being out by 40 thou.

  • 1/8 of a Gunter's chain

  • I was indeed responsible for those stupid things. 2008 maybe? That was in my wanky architecture days.... pre wanky hoover designing days (although it was actually mostly wanky hairdryers I was involved with). All proceeds were donated to the forum.

    Thankfully I no longer operate in the personalised saddle ornament/architecture/wanky Hoover industry.... So can’t assist with a replacement.

    I’ve settled into the eye wateringly expensive wanky custom bike paint industry now, so can help with that if needed, but I’m not sure this project would be a fitting canvas for such expense, seeing as we’ve all grown up since 2008 and spending a vast amount of money on a glorified clown bike probably isn’t as high up on our list of priorities as it once was!

    Please take this bike to a Saturday intermediates training session at HHV when finished. Be sure to be massively hungover, and wear cut of denim shorts and a vintage cycling jersey thats three sizes too big to complete the nostalgic effect.

  • Ha,

    All that rumination about chainline, then when it came to it I fucked the installation of the BB. (See photo). I think the RHS cup is totally cross threaded. Won't budge in or out with the tools I have to hand.

    Oh well, it will rise fine and I can use a spacer or two on the rear wheel if necessary.

    I doubt having the BB offset 2mm to the right will completely kill my knees.

    Am I missing a reason why this mistake will cause instadeath?

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  • Sure it isn't that the shell threads need chasing? Was the other side tight to get in?

  • The other side went in easy.

    Yeah it could have been the shell threads. Water under the bridge now though....

  • Progress.

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  • Any other "interesting" wheels stashed away in your abode?

  • Oh shit this is serious.

  • I'm worried about the bottom bracket now.

  • Two worlds collide. mind blown gif

    In the entire history of the world, have a Spok and a Carradice ever been owned by the same person at the same time?

  • The speedplay/converse collab is also a banger

  • Ha, I know nothing of speedplays so kind of hoped they were maybe recessed cleats, but seemingly not.

    The 'look at this hipster thread' 2020 cover guy.

  • More than likely.

  • speedplay/converse collab is also a banger

    I thank you sir.

  • I just got home, after stopping off for cocktails at a friend's. Took the bag off my back, and caught sight of the spok. Huge grin.

    I can't wait to build this up tomorrow morning and, yes, hang the Carradice on it. Well, it is the black and white version...

  • they were maybe recessed cleats, but seemingly not

    They are.

    I cut the sole out of an old pair of Sidis and glue gunned them into a pair of lowtops, having cut a recessed hole out of their soles.


  • Morning.

    The early bird catches the Fixie.

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  • As silly as I imagined

  • You need data print socks too.
    Or rule 28 black and white stripe aero socks.

  • It is very silly, I like it a lot.

  • I need to get an NDS pic to show the DBAD sticker.

  • Surely one of these on the front rim maximum black/white balance?­22p301/PANARACER-Pasela-White

    I had one in about 2010, I promise you they are as hideously silly as you might imagine

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Build a bike around a saddle?

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