26 inch fgfs wheels -

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  • todestrieb rims / proper machete hubs couple of cheap tyres and tubes new replaced as existing were about done
    26 inch.
    10 tooth cog
    Collect littlehampton

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  • 5mins site keeps knocking them back
    Try one at a time

  • Will they take a fixed cog and lock ring?

  • See photo
    Think it’s set up fixed with a 10 tooth cog

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  • Ye that’s why I asked. That isn’t a set up I recognise. Looks more like a screw on freewheel but I could be wrong.

  • Looks a hell of a lot like a coasting bmx hub

  • Pretty sure when I got these sent over I brought as fixed
    I shall retrieve from the shed and check

  • Fixed

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  • The orange nut ( lockring )when tighened inserts into the cog locking it into position

  • Think I got them from the big cartel

  • I'd take the gland hub guards ;)

  • Young _gun is a bit of a Oracle on all things fgfs / bruiser
    If he pops up he may know more

  • Micro drive see photo

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  • Nice, also interested in hub guards, shoulda mentioned

  • I think winstanleys do the hub guards for small money

  • I know I'm just a bmx stuff hoarder and pick stuff up if I can. I've got the profile guards that replace the cone washers and they're absolute shite.

  • See 2 x Curtis bmx yesterday one from the 80s / other new
    Took me back -

  • Long shot but these for sale? Lol just started a mid life crisis project and aparently fgfs 14mm micro drive hubs dont exist anymore ANYWHERE

  • Kept them sorry

  • Buenas tienes las ruedas aún?

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26 inch fgfs wheels -

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