Crown race setting tool and bearing press SE5

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  • Anyone in or around se5 got a crown race setting tool for a 1.5" fork and headset/bb press i could borrow for an evening per chance?

  • I use henry vacuum cleaner pipe and a mallet pipe, or a plastic pipe also works

  • Also have headset press (will need to dig) in se6

  • I also would like to borrow a press and a setting tool for an evening if anyone has one. I'm in SE15. Think my partner might boot me out if I use the vacuum tube.

  • I ended up just slowly tapping the crown race on with a hammer and piece of timber. I got it down as far as i could (looked fully seated to the eye) and the first bump on my first ride gave it the last little push it needed.

  • Thanks. Did you core out the piece of timber or just use it a drift?

    I'm tempted to go to and get a bit of PVC pipe. Just worried because I need to bash on a hope reducer crown race (not split) and the accounts I have seen suggests it requires a fair walloping.

  • I used it as a drift and just slowly worked my way around the circumference of the crown race, giving it a slight tap each time

  • Got loads of spare pvc pipe if anyone needs

  • Heat the fucker in an oven for a bit first.

  • Yes please. Whereabouts are you?

  • Thanks!!! Does this come from personal experience battling with a non-split crown race?

  • I left mine sat in a cup of boiling water for a few mins

  • Yep. Had one that really tight, even with the correct tool and bashy-bashy it wasn't having it.

    Heated the fucker up and it went right on.

    Could also consider making the steerer cold...bowl full of ice water maybe.

  • North Greenwich

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Crown race setting tool and bearing press SE5

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