Chasing the end of the retro mtb rainbow

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  • Brake pads. I’ve got those nice ceramic mavic 517s and they’d never had a brake on them before me (disc hubs). But I have found the ceramic pad selection for v brakes limiting. Firstly I tried the shimano ceramic v brake inserts. They were sooooo bad. I began to question whether the xtr v brakes were the issue. They just wouldn’t slow me down. They felt slippy as.

    Then I just went back to regular pads which are basically too far the other way. They bite and shudder like hell, and up front I just can’t get rid of the squeal no matter what the toe in.

    So I’ve forked out for the kool stop ceramic pads at £12.50 a pair. Took me months to overcome this idea. £25 on pads just seems ridiculous. Let’s see how they stop....

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  • Don't worry everyone, Kool stop ceramic pads are great. Worth the ££ over the shimano ones by a long way.

  • Beautiful morning today. Finally took some photos of the bike that replaced the Bob Jackson. I find the long stem ugly but it feels great with those bars.

    I actually have a voucher for a beginners session at this track. Presumably I won’t be taking my own bike…? I’ve never tried before, I’m more of an off roadie/ledges and rails person.

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  • @Alban! This is great!

    That chainring makes it for me. The stem is not so bad, I feel it's fine. Would be handy to have that cap but they seem elusive. I'd say the bike needs gumwalls but I say that about most bikes.

    Anyway. How's it feel to ride?

  • Haha cheers dude. Yeah the ride is spot on actually. No toeverlap like the BJ and feels a lot sturdier generally. It’s heavier / lower quality tubing but I like that. It just feels less fragile.

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Chasing the end of the retro mtb rainbow

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