Wheel Needing Trued

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  • Hi all.
    Is there anyone in Glasgow/Paisley area that would be able to true a wheel for me for beer vouchers?
    Its a 26" mountain bike wheel which has developed a very slight wobble.
    I'm not looking to hold anyone responsible or anything, just looking for a shorter wait time than 3 to 4 weeks and a quick fix.

  • It is not too hard to do it yourself, especially as it is already a built wheel. As I am sure you are aware there are many very good instructional videos on youtube.
    Get a good spoke key.

  • Yup get a spoke key, some beer and some patience.
    Best advice I had when starting out was to mark the high/low spots and left/right areas with pen first before just going at it, otherwise it'll be all over the place and will end up needing it started again by a wheel builder.
    You want to do the least amount of fiddling to make it back to round + true, find the problem areas and only work on those the minimum to bring it back.

  • Great advice^

  • Thanks for the advice. Will get a spoke key and give it a shot. Watch out for me in the 'Epic Fail' thread soon!!!

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Wheel Needing Trued

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