Pink Steel "Sarah Sport"

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  • I picked up this frame from James ( @jamestz ) a couple of months ago and promised to update him on the build so I figure this the best place for it. I’ve reached a point I can’t justify spending much more, but happy to hear suggestions for future changes.

    I started off trying to find 7700 pieces on eBay etc. My CAAD8 is currently stuck in Morocco due to COVID so I wasn’t especially patient finding deals but pretty happy with what I’ve ended up with. The shifters were bought new but the rest of the group I found second hand.

    Here is a link to the original sale thread:­07/

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  • I picked up a set of wheels with 7700 hubs, laced to CXP33’s, mostly in good condition although I found the 14 tooth on the cassette he left in was too big (in size) and caused the chain to rub the seat stay so I dug out an old 9 speed 12-26 from my parts collection.

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  • The fork, seat post and stem have all been borrowed off my track bike, as I figure it’ll be a little while until I’m riding track at Herne hill with COVID and my distance from a velodrome back in Edinburgh.

    I’ve probably ridden 200km now on the bike and it’s been a lovely ride. I’ll update the thread as things are added (and potentially with my other bikes some time).

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  • ** To anyone who saw James’ original thread the outer brake cable to the rear won’t run the whole way through the frame, I managed to get the outers partially in but they by no means run the whole way through. If this is a death trap would appreciate someone who knows better telling me.

  • Niiiice Ben. Thanks for taking the time to post. So good to see it all built up. That crankset looks bloody huge on there!! Quite aggressive with the track parts too! Looks like a lot of fun. Will keep my eye out for you around Camberwell. Take care!

  • Hey man, no worries always nice to document things somewhere. I'll give you a shout if I see you out on the roads.

  • Do you have any cable stops where the outer ends? Running just the inner inside the frame is fine, in fact it will give less friction to the cable pull than if you had outer the whole way, as long as you've got something stopping the outers getting pushed into the internal routing.

  • God knows I love a pink bike - if you and Sarah ever decide to part company, please let me know

  • Thanks for the reply, worryingly I don't. I'll attach some pictures. The outers probably run 2-3 inches into the frame each, at which point they don't seem to be able to go any further. The resistance of not being able to put them in further is currently all that's stopping them being pushed in while in use.

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  • I'll keep you in mind but all being well I think we've got quite a few kilometres time before then haha.

  • There may be in built stops on the internal tube, have you shined a light down them? Also did you put the end caps on the outer cables?

  • I'll have a look tomorrow, internal stops hadn't occurred to me. There aren't any end caps on there as the entrance must be barely more than 5mm. Standard brake cables are a squeeze getting in. I had thought a step down ferrule of some kind might be solution because a standard stop won't fit in. I'll update what I find shining a torch down there

  • Stepdown ferrule may be the answer, if there's nothing stopping the end of the cable over time the metal inside the outer can work its way out of the sheath.

  • I'll keep you in mind but all being well I think we've got quite a few kilometres time before then haha.

    S’alright - I’m sure @DoktorPepe and @shinkuu_kiss will both vouch for my ability to wait patiently.

    At least it’s unlikely I’ll ask @Sumo to act as guardian this time.

    As and when fella, as and when...

  • That makes plenty of sense now you say it. Let's see what a torch light discovers.

  • God knows I love a pink bike

    Have you seen my Pink Missile sale thread?


  • Can defo vouch.

  • I was very interested in this for the name & colour scheme - recipient would have enjoyed! Looks great

  • Thanks man, there was definitely enough about the bike to make me bite. Not sure I'll ever know where the name really comes from though.

  • Have you try blowing through with a air line ? maybe only the inner cables goes through the middle off the top tube and outer is only at the front and the guess

  • As far as I can find out, there was a bike shop in Ostend, Belgium, called Sarah Sport, maybe the shop had a team?
    Did a quick search as your frame piqued my interest.
    Looking good. Enjoy.

  • Yeah, the frame should not have an internal housing. There are internal stops.

  • That's a great spot. Appreciate it. Google streetview confirms it I'm sure. Looks as though it may still be open, I think I have an excuse for a tour some day things are back to normal.

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  • Ah good to hear. Hadn't heard of internal stops before today but seems a likely answer.

  • I'll have a check with a torch tomorrow, but it sounds like internal stops are likely as it goes.

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Pink Steel "Sarah Sport"

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