Road bike clicking problem

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  • My carbon road bike is gettin a loud click noise when i'm generally out the saddle and put pressure the right side pedal...............Its doin' ma nut in!.
    Ive tried everything skewers, seat post, pedals, BB and chainbolts....nothing Nada!.
    Today i'm gonna check spokes, front derailleur.....Anyone got any thoughts or ideas that might help????.
    Who would be your choice of best road bike mechanic in Glasgow, preferably??.

  • Seem to recall, someone once mentioned if there was paint on the rear dropouts, that might cause it? Of course I could have completely imagined reading that and with two other important caveats that a. I don’t have a carbon bike and b. I’m not a biek mechanic, likely renders my observations as utter bollocks.

  • I thought all carbon bikes do that . Grease the axles and mounts on the frame . Tape the valve holes

  • Take off the chainset and clean between the outside face of the frame/bb and the inside face of the chainset. If the spider is removable take it off, clean any faces that touch and regrease any bolts. Also if could be your cleat/pedal, clean them as best you can, replace your cleats if they're too worn and check all the cleat bolts are tight.

  • So you've had pedals/chainring/chainring bolts/front mech/rear hub/cassette + lockring all off checked, cleaned/greased and put back on and still exact same?
    Then likely BB (hub also possible).
    What frame, what BB type
    We are mad busy in the workshop but can take a quick look and point at whats likely the cause, 1 week wait just now.

  • Definitely get some grease in between the chainring(s) and crank arm.

    But I agree with Bricky, probably bottom bracket, especially if a press fit thing.

  • BrickMan
    Not done the front mech/rear hub/cassette + lockring my mechanics are really limited.
    I've done pedals, cleats skewers and seatpost. LBS checked BB and chainbolts
    this noise has only appeared over the last 6/7 months
    The bike is a Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp Disc btw

  • From spec you have a Praxis Turn BB + chainset, these are pretty decent but require a bit of fiddling to get them to run right, they have a bearing preload collar and many shops don't adjust or set this right when new (usually WAY too much preload, don't grease anything and you have to drill out the lock grub screw and chisel the adjuster off in extreme cases), so could be that.
    But check the rest, number of times I've had a bike in for BB/crank/frame 'noises', and its the cassette has come a bit loose

  • Could be your knee

  • Five-Hats
    Could be your knee

    that old one !!!

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Road bike clicking problem

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