• In this case NOS DA7900:

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  • Braklessness is dead?

  • A wonderful choice!

  • Lol. I started with a headset cap. It was $8 from NYC Velo.

  • Cool, what the plan? Sparkles, right?

  • This is going to be terrible

  • The brakes are one of the least offensive part of 7900 tbf.

  • There will be some comi-tragic wheelset post along in a minute

    Just you wait

  • Might be a few days!

  • In those days of anxious waiting for us all, could you please detail your reasons for choosing the frame you did, where it stands on the sausage-o-meter and how many years/months you now think you are from a TiMamil crisis?

  • I chose the frame because fr. Des of my wifes parish advised me that not only is steel real, but that it is in fact our fathers preferred material. He also preaches the fact that disc brakes have no place on a road bike.


  • 31 in June so exactly 9 years, 21 days and 80 minutes til i process that moots order.

  • Where do i submit my approval request to fit a gold chain?

  • Phone the Shop and ask Linx for the forms

  • I feel like the next logical purchase should be bottle cages, anyone got any advice?

  • Too early. We have not even begun to the bar tape discussion phase. Then there is the hub/rim argument followed by the bottle cage chat. Then we can complain about the choice of stem.

  • I have been guilty of focusing on the finer details too soon, and need to dial back my excitement.

    That said, bar tape has been purchased, as have wheels, but they will be shared upon arrival.

    Happy to be advised that I have made bad decisions, but I will throw my toys out of the pram.

  • Spécialités TA. They have the cult status of a part that is hard to find, actually not cheap nowadays, and offers no real benefit.

  • and offers no real benefit

    They sound ideal!

  • I have one, and in all fairness it does hold my bidon.

  • I'm allowed to say bidon, dont @ me.

  • Ah, I prefer ones that look good, but that actively dump your bidon at the first sign of an uneven surface. The search continues.

  • In that case you'll need the fabric ones or the TT/triantelope saddle missile launcher.
    Though they may fail "look good" criteria.

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