Seven Axiom S

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  • Looks great in "Ugly carry everything mode" IMO. What's the bar bag?

  • Thanks. It’s a Rapha x Outdoor Voices bag. Long sold out.

  • Super nice!

  • Some comments about the RR411 here from cycle clinic.

    Load of bollocks in my experience. I've built 2 sets of wheels for Cycliste with RR411 rims. She loves them, they were a joy to build, they've stayed true, and they show no signs of fatigue or cracking despite heavy use.

  • so will probably go for quill’s when these rims die.

    I have a pair of barely used 20/24h Quill rims going spare. Horrible rims, but you're welcome to them. The centre channel isn't deep enough, so fitting tubeless tyres is a total nightmare. Yours for shipping costs if you want them. I'd rather never see them again.

  • Need 28x28. Not into tubeless anymore so not an issue for me.

    Read this?­rim-reviews-velocity-quill

  • Read this?­rim-reviews-velocity-quill

    I hadn't, but I read plenty of other glowing reviews before I bought them. I used them for a week's holiday, then rebuilt the wheels with Belgium+ rims, a decision I do not regret at all!

  • Fair enough. Just thought the post date of august 2020 might’ve come after your bad experience with them.

  • Glad to see this bike has rekindled your cycling mojo!

  • Wellllll. I've really enjoyed riding this steel fork and have put well over 1000kms on it. But, the diameter of the tubes just looks too skinny against the diameter of the Ti tubing for me and seeing as this is my only bike, I really want it to look dialed.

    I'm gonna keep it and use it on a steel frame in the future, maybe built by the same guy, but I'm moving back to carbon on the Seven. At the moment it has just lost it's spark if I'm honest. Just rides a bit too safe... That also has a lot to do with the wheels. A23s don't really appear to be built to support the more portly man, so new wheels are on their way too. I get serious side to side movement at the rim on the rear wheel when outta the saddle and I really don't like that feeling. Have never had that before.

    For the fork,I've ordered a Pegoretti Falz v2, as I'm told that it's the closest I'll get to the ride of a steel fork but in carbon. Also, if it's good enough for Dario.....

    I also think it looks great. The subtle curve is really nice and considering I have a 50mm rake, a straight blade fork looks a bit awkward IMO. Just kinda juts out of the bottom of the head tube, whereas this is slightly more graceful.

    Wheel wise, I've got some Campagnolo Record's laced to DT R460s with DT competitions on the way - though they're probably three weeks out. Silver, 3 cross, silver nipples. Should look the business. I have ridden 105/DT Competition/R460s before in 32h/3 cross, so I know pretty much exactly what to expect. I'm excited!

    Thank you IRS tax return for your contribution to this bike

  • Ha ha. You’re such a buyer.

  • Actual drugs might be cheaper!

  • Pls take decent pics.

  • Are you going to desticker the r460s?

  • I've known worse @Señor_Bear !

    @youramericanlover why of course I will.

  • For the fork,I've ordered a Pegoretti Falz v2, as I'm told that it's the closest I'll get to the ride of a steel fork but in carbon. Also, if it's good enough for Dario.....

    Interested to hear how that goes. I was looking at a Bixxis recently with that fork but ultimately went elsewhere and chose the Ritchey fork for a little extra tyre clearance. Still would be nice to know about for future projects though as it looks quite nice.

    Seeing you're on a few US centric forums, any idea why Pegoretti appears to have a cult level following there? Barely a mention of him on European forums but people seem to go weak at the knees there when his name comes up over there.

  • Yes, I wish I'd just got the Falz in the first place but you live and learn.

    Ah man, I'm lusting after a Prima so much. I think they're superb looking bikes and Dario and Martina's work looks impeccable.

    Re Pegoretti, yes, it's interesting. I've seen more Pegs on the road here in the U.S. in a couple of years than I did in eight years of regular riding in the U.K. I think I saw one whilst living in England but have seen at least ten over here.

    There's a surprisingly good distribution network here for them, via Gita, which makes it somewhat easy to actually buy one. Dario also had good relationship's with U.S. builders. His relationship with Richard Sachs obviously created PegoRichie lugs and tubing, for example. He was a member and contributor on VelocipedeSalon. A regular exhibitor at NAHBS. Chris King manufacture his D11 headset and as far as I understand, he was a huge fan of American pop culture - perhaps this meant he was simply more connected to the American bike market.

    I admire his work a lot and would love one of his bikes, but ultimately, if I'm spending that much cash on a steel frame, I'd want something a bit more artisanal. For example, the Kirk that I have a deposit in for.

  • I should add, my Seven's numbers are very close to a Peg and the way it handles is just superb.

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Seven Axiom S

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