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  • Changing the forks is cool, it's your bike :)

    My favourite forks (that I've ridden on my bikes):
    1) Serotta F3 (chosen for my weight and handling... had a decent rake so it wasn't too twitchy nor too relaxed. The F3 came in a few variations of rake, etc)
    2) Thorn Audax steel forks. Kinda crappy for city riding, but really relaxed rake made them really comfy and stable on long rides, and they seemed to amplify the road noise in a non-harsh way whilst also being way more stable - which sounds counter-intuitive but increased the confidence in them.
    3) Robin Mather steel forks. These fall somewhere between the Serotta and Thorn forks... balancing compliance, control, comfort. They're insanely nice, and they're disc brake and still feel that nice. Yet I wouldn't put them #1 as a generalist fork doesn't shine as brightly on any specific thing... for an all-rounder, damn, they're good.

    Not on that list is the Enve gravel fork currently on my Seven. It doesn't share the same feel as the rest of the bike, and my Seven replaced a crash damaged Serotta... the Seven beats the Serotta on all fronts except for the fork. The Enve is good, and I'm not going to replace it as in my latter builds I'm choosing commodity components to hang on a custom frame rather than going crazy custom again (which I did on the Robin Mather, down to racks, stem, and the dropouts!). The Enve is as good as it gets if you're buying stock components, but yup... if you have the inclination, time and funds, and have located someone skilled enough to translate your requirements into the finished article... definitely do it - which it appears you are :D

  • @andyp always with the truth bombs

  • why doesent @JB ride with SEAL?­

  • Because he’s a solitary brother?

  • very good; @youramericanlover had a good one this morning; I will let him post

  • No loose hub bearings for him, all his are

  • So many Killer references

    Non Sealed bearings would never survive

  • Thanks for the info @velocio - at least someone gets me!

    Your sentiments are exactly why I’m doing this.

    Have you considered a custom carbon fork? Mike Lopez in San Diego, who designed all of the serotta forks while at Reynolds I believe, can make you a custom tuned carbon fork.
    Out of interest, why didn’t you go for a Seven fork? I can’t remember if you mentioned this way back when.

  • Out of interest, why didn’t you go for a Seven fork? I can’t remember if you mentioned this way back when.

    Precisely because in my experience, commodity items where possible is better.

    I scratch things, I ding them, I replace things, I want them serviced by people who know them... so the Robin Mather was the pinnacle of bespoke for me, and now the extent of bespoke is the frame only and everything else I choose based on what is available as standard at the time.

    My criteria were: clearance for bigger tyres, mudguard capable (ideally provided), disc brake.

    I was getting so much other stuff from Enve I just threw these in.

    I do think they're good... they just don't match what they replaced, a Serotta and the F3 forks... but that's cool, nothing on this bike really replaced that, this is a different bike so I accept the feel is different too.

  • Fair enough. I've just checked and the Seven Matador is pretty ugly anyway and has external routing... Fun fact - Seven have finally succumbed and are now offering internal hose routing.

  • Lil fork action

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  • Did you decide on the colour?

  • I think he’s mentioned black, my vote is RAL 9007 👍🏻

  • You get kudos for not faffing around with this build. Especially for a ti build! Custom Ti people appear to be some of the biggest timewasters in the entire world so getting the Seven knocked out, switching to campag (!) and then getting a custom fork all in short order shows that you actually want to ride the bike and not just want to make some framebuilder throw himself in the Pacific Ocean with emails about tubing options.

  • Hahaha thanks Dan. Yeah, I’ve not managed to ride it as much as I’d like but I’ve just hit 2500km on it and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I really really love this bike.

    My favourite thing about it is just the fit. For the first time ever, I get home and just feel totally fine. No back pain, no aches etc. It’s as if it was made to measure 😉 I lie actually. After four and a half hours of basically non stop riding at the weekend, I started to get a bit of pain in my lower back. But that’s an issue with my core strength and flexibility, not an issue with the bike.

    @spotter I decided on black in the end. The closest match to Ti is PPG 4820 Chrysler "Bright Platinum” and its what Seven use to colour match forks if people request it. However, it’s being powder coated, not wet paint and I can only use RAL’s. Anyway, tbh, I like the black front end with fork and stem with the Ti seatpost out back, so I’m keeping the fork black.

  • Forking ‘ell. Very pleased with this so far.

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  • Vertically compliant

  • Fork looks good, v classy. Out of interest, how did you think the woundup sat compared to curved steel forks/straight carbon forks?

  • Preferred the WU to the Enve for sure.

    Haven’t ridden a nice steel fork recently enough to compare tbh.

  • Nice one JB, reminds me a bit of the De Rosa Nuovo Classico forks.

  • Hopefully not as shit and flexy

  • Haha, you don't buy the Classico for racing! I was referring to the bend, not the (lack of) performance.

    Tubing looks to be wider as well so should result in less flex.

  • I have a Ti 1” threaded fork on a Serotta built Murray. If you brake hard the wheel can kiss the down tube, it’s freaky.

  • If you brake hard the wheel can kiss the down tube, it’s freaky.

    Progressive braking; it's a feature.

  • Late to the party here but I've seen it said on other forums, perhaps velocipede salon, that basically all the Enve forks ride that way, just stiff, lacking compliance.

    If in the future you wanted to go lightweight again you could always try with a different fork, Columbus Futura Caliper SL is 1 1/8 and comes in 50mm rake and may ride better.

    I've found the Max fork on my Samson is plenty stiff enough (and comfortable) for my situation, so that weight is the only reason to sweat wanting a carbon fork.

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Seven Axiom S

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