Flandria's projects (Colnago Master Piu, Shimano 600 AX,...)

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  • They are not drilled, the first picture is without cables. Compact 26mm Deda Piega by the way

  • Finished the first incarnation of the Master yesterday. Did a quick spin and everything seems fine mechanically and also fit feels quite good. For it's height, the top tube length is very reasonable (58,5 cc). The 125 mm stem feels right. Saddle needs to go up +- 10mm but that's because the old flite flexes a lot, compared to a new saddle. Anyhow, first some good testrides to asses fit and feel before restoring.

    For the final build I'm leaning towards Chorus 11sp carbon. Some sets have been sold in Classifieds for reasonable prices, if anyone might know of a nice set, let me know!

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  • Have never seen that randonneur type bike before, crazy :)

  • Finished the frame restoration of the Faggin today. As you can read in the post on page 1, the frame was quite rusty but fully chromed. Cleaning it up took a looooong time but was worth the effort. I've put a baselayer with silver flakes on the chrome frame, afterwards orange candy paint and 2K gloss varnish. Love the result for a DIY job, a good imitation of chromovelato. Some before pics ...

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  • And finished:

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  • That's incredible.... bravo.

  • It's only original once etc.

    Nah I'm just bad at making jokes. This is by far the most incredible DIY restoration I've seen. The fact that you started this project considering the state it was in, shows that you sir have balls, self confidence and copious amount of skill. Did I say balls already? It's beautiful and deserves a full SR gruppo. But then again I think you have way more sense of imagination than I do. Really looking forward to the full build.

  • Thanks! No real plans for building it up yet. Was thinking about a non-campagnolo build with some nice ofmega/gipiemme/miche/... components. The headset is a Rino. I've polished the original Rino seatpost today. Not aiming for expensive high-end build though, as the frame is not top-end either.

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  • Also the Master got a wheel upgrade with 50mm Orient express wheels. Took the bike for a testride today and all feels fine. Definitely faster than the Khamsins that were in before and they felt reasonably comfortable on some cobble sections.

    Concerning the stem, I'm considering to go ahead. I really like the color and looks of the 3ttt stem, but 26mm compact bars (Deda piega) don't offer a lot of comfort. 31.8 mm bars have a much wider variety - i really dig the Zipp bars that I have on my main bike. I've ordered a 120 MM -17° ahead stem, just to test if I can find aestheticaly pleasing solution. Maybe I'll have thema painted in the same color as the frame? I think @MementoMori did it with his Pinarello.

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  • De Rosa Neo Primato ;)

    Digging the color on the Faggin!

  • Can't find the pictures anymore, could you post it once again for the stem?

  • i know you've got big resto plans for this, but this looks great as is. Really nice. The semi ratty paint (and that's being harsh) gives it a bit of charm and I'd be tempted to consider that complete.

    I've got the same stem and bars on my concorde. Tricky to find a nice ahead but I'm sure you'll make it work. Painted stems aren't for me, I don't get it at all, but I know a lot of people do.

  • If that's the purple de rosa - i admit that one was great...

  • oooofffff thats nice

  • Have you considered a black stem? Aargh here I go again being unimaginitive. I'll see myself out...

  • That’s the one.

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  • I understand your point on the respray. The yellow lacquer is still in quite good condition. What buggers me is the rust on the chrome headtube lugs and fork and the 'Master Piu' on the toptube, which seems to be hand painted with black paint. It's not the original paint either, so ... Will ride it as it is until winter, than I'll get it rechromed and resprayed.

    I'll see how the stem turns out. Painting it comes up because it's a Pro LT which has this cheap matte black look. I would prefer glossy black or a frame matching color. Just an idea, will think about it :)

  • Amazing bike this!

  • Thank you, no longer mine though. :)

  • Made quite a nasty crash riding the colnago last weekend in a group ride. Fortunately no big damage next to the front wheel that have gone out of true (fixed) and a broken left hand shifters. Riding 80 km more with only a rear carbon rim brake in a bunch of disc brakes was the most frightening part.

    Anyhow, perfect excuse to throw another stem/bar combination on the bike, just as a mockup. 120 MM -17 stem. I still have to look at it for a few more days but though I'm nog the biggest fan of ahead stems on classic frames, I'm quite pleased with it.
    Frame size and stem length and make it not look to bulky. Like the more agressive look + added benefits of more (comfortable) bar options and a sleek out-front gps mount. Ugly white lettering has to go obviously. Opinions?

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  • Jeez that sucks, hope you're ok. I bloody hate crashing, it's the worst part of cycling next to seeing a bike you want to buy in the wrong size.
    I really like that negative stem tho, that's free speed.

  • All fine, fortunately no physical damage. It happens, right...

  • Update on the master. LH Daytona shifter was broken after the crash so I've mounted the 2015 sp record shifters + rear derailleur. The ahead stem puts me in exactly the same position as the quill, so I'm keeping the ahead with modern bars. The 26.0 bars just don't do it for me.

    Still in doubt about the color for respray... Gold, light metallic Blue, metallic champagne,pearlescent white with chrome decals,
    ... Choices...

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  • 🍾 ftw!

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Flandria's projects (Colnago Master Piu, Shimano 600 AX,...)

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