Tweeks Cycles rant thread

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  • Anyone else had any issues with Tweeks? I know we're mid-pandemic but I emailed them about a return and still no response after 3 weeks. Twitter suggests there are quite a few people experiencing similar customer service issues at the moment.

  • Ordered from them about 3 weeks ago and my order arrived within 2 days.
    They're a not huge brick and mortar shop in Wrexham

  • I've used them a few times now with no issues, but I'm a bit concerned that I've now got money tied up in stuff I need to send back and I'm getting zero communication from them. Twitter and their facebook page are both full of pissed off customers - guess I'll just keep waiting and they'll either get back to me eventually or go out of business :-/

  • I would say they are rammed and struggling . Much like merlin who say dont ring we are too busy use email instead. Two weeks would be fair at the moment.

  • They seem to pop up as cheapest on a lot of parts I've been searching for recently, which may be contributing to a higher number of sales than they actually know what to do with.

  • I ordered from them a few weeks ago, then panic'd as I saw their shit show reviews on trustpilot, but it did turn up pretty promptly.

    It seems their main issue is that they show stock which is actually at suppliers, and their lead times on the website are way off. Whilst Wiggle/CRC show the same items as out of stock, all the traffic is directed to Tweeks who then can't fulfil orders as COVID has slowed down all the stock arriving from suppliers.

    So they're bombarded with calls/angry emails about why orders haven't arrived, and don't have time to process returns.

    *note I don't work in the industry so happy to be corrected

  • Put it another way everyone now wants gloss print vinyl that can be wiped clean and the suppliers are out of stock for 6 weeks so its not just the cycle industry . Got a plasterer mate and he can not get plaster as the factories Are all closed and diy places dont sit on stock . Its all just in time Supply and demand .

  • Yes but I’m trying to help with the stock problem by sending stuff back to them :-)

  • Tweeks is notorious for showing things as in stock when they're not so it's a gamble buying from them. I've had both experiences

  • Thought that was tredz

  • They're not alone. I've actually had nothing but good experiences with Tredz, even with out of stuck stuff, they called to tell me and gave the option of alternatives or refund.

  • Tweeks, back when it was Demon Tweeks dealing with motorcycle parts, has always been like this. They keep limited stock and they buy it in when they get enough orders. You can have stuff in two days but sometimes tug can wait ages. It’s why their prices fluctuate wildly. I once ordered a pair of EBC discs for a Honda and when they arrived I’d been charged almost double what I’d been quoted, from £160 to around £300. Apparently it was because I’d been dealing with one sales guy (it was by phone back then, mostly) and got a deal, and when I’d confirmed the order it was with another guy who stuck to the list price. Told them I’d return them for a refund and quickly got the deal price back. Dodgy tactics all round.

  • What do you expect from birkenhead market traders .

  • Oi, I was born in Birkenhead.
    Probably explains a lot

  • Thought that was tredz

    Thought they were the same. Are the websites not incredibly similar?

  • Nah, tweeks is a one off shop in north wales. It shares a shop floor with its sister company Demon Tweeks which anyone into tuning cars for the last couple of decades will know of.
    Tredz I believe also has a couple of physical shops in South Wales but unconnected afaik

  • Ordered (everything listed as in-stock) at the end of April - have had an email 2 weeks later saying one of the items is out of stock, and isn't due until end-May. Have to think they have dispatched everything but the out of stock item, but I have no tracking details so not a clue where anything is.

    Have emailed them with no response and phone number is always busy.

    I am going to ask them to cancel my order and refund me - any benefits of ordering all of the parts from one place is offset by them not actually turning up.

  • I ordered some Orange seal endurance sealant from their ebay shop yesterday, had the shipping notification today. Hopefully that means I should actually get it.

  • Never knew they were the same company, but the same address. Had a similar experience with car parts.

  • Ordered from them a few weeks ago. Was supposed to be next day, heard nothing for over a week, eventually got refunded after about a month. Communication was terrible throughout, avoid.

  • My sealant arrived on time with no issues. I guess I was lucky.

  • So, all of the items (other than the one that was now flagged as out of stock) arrived on Friday. That was a month from order to dispatch for items that were listed in stock.

    The item that is now out of stock (despite being listed in stock when I ordered) has no update other than they were expecting stock in late-May.

    This will be the first and last time I use Tweeks for sure. I liked the idea of getting most of the components from one place, but in future I'll just buy items separately from the likes of CRC, Merlin, Tredz, Planet X, etc.

  • Yeah, I'm not going to bother with them in the future. I realise they're a small operation and understand that they're busy, but over a month and still no response regarding returns is pretty dire.

  • Slow to respond fair enough, a month, yeah thats pretty bad.
    Right now industry is facing unprecedented levels of demand, and with it unprecedented levels of crazy from suppliers who are basically melting down with the level of demand from shops/stockists, the patchy deliveries from manufacturers, and their staff aren't in the building but spread around.
    Still, quite a few of the 'cheapie' online retailers do exactly as you expect them to, their website feeds info from the distributor's site re: stock status, the retailer doesn't have it, they rely on the distributor shipping it in a certain time, which isn't happening right now (some are taking 10 working days to get stuff out the door that normally happens in about 1-4 hours!). But thats why they are cheap, they aren't sitting with large fractions of a million quids worth of product on their shelves/bank balance.

  • Recently I've been buying all my bike bits off of eBay to avoid delays like this. Business sellers know they have to be prompt and can't take the piss otherwise theres the potential for negative feedback and/or a claim raised and potentially lose both the goods and the money.

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Tweeks Cycles rant thread

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