• I've got a couple of those French(?) Salmon Profil mudguards, like the pic but much more fucked :)
    I think I have a front, maybe two and a broken rear that is fine when zip-tied on. I also have Scherrit's custom mounting hardware made from steel instead of the aluminium stuff that fails if you ride through as much shit as I do.

    There's also some new/never fitted SKS Bluemels Mudguards 700cx35mm Black Front because I can't use front mudguards. S

    There's also a set of clip on mudguards. Crud Catcher Roadracer 2, I believe.


    Oh, there should also be a set of SKS Bluemels Mudguards 26inch x 65mm Black

  • I had a couple of pairs of these, still rocking one pair. Niche now no-one seems to ride skinny tyres. I really like em. Wonder if Francis Thurmer still sells em.

  • I was hoping for pink mudguards. That would have been amazing.

  • They can be painted, very little keying required as they're kind of brushed finish anyway.

    But I know you're just shooting the breeze and don't really want salmon pink mudguards.

  • I'll take the sks 700c and the 26 mudguards if you'd be up for holding on to them till the weekend? Will pay in beer 🍻

  • So there's two different style SKS front 700C and what looks like front and rear SKS mounting stuff

    Front and rear Salmon guards - both needing zipties as the mounts have failed, I'll try and find Scherrit's steel mounting solution - I definitely have it but it wasn't in the bag with the guards.

    The 26" set has gone to a mate already. Soz

  • Dibs those Salmon guards please, have pm'd...

  • I've only got two front guards and the mounting stuff for both - rear was killed when car ran into me. Same with the previous Salmon (hence why one is blue reflective and one is plain).
    If you still want this mess then they're yours.

  • Ah i see, i misunderstood.

    Cheers - i'll pass.

  • wow what awful mudguards! why hippy WHY?

  • Francis 'G' Thurmer if you don't mind

  • I might have a few bits of fixings for these knocking about, looks like you just need the ‘draw bolts’ for the rear, ie a 4 or 5mm grub with a hole in, and a rather thin nut that sits inside the guard. I def have some of the bits that hold the stays to the frame, somewhere. Saw them earlier today in fact. Sounds like hippys better steel ones are better though. Obvs.

  • why all the hate? these were all the rage in the noughties.


  • All mudguards are awful. If I'm going to attach shit to my bike I'd prefer it to be cheap shit.

  • I can only find 2 of the steel bolt setups though so if you have spares... our powers combined!

  • You had them on your JRJ, right? I gave a pair to Gerald, I didn't have a suitable bike for them at the time.

  • Cheers Ben, very kind of you, have sent you a pm, ta.

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Free: Salmon Profil mudguards, 700C SKS mudguards, 26" mudguards

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