Steve Goff track frame Columbus octagonal tubing 57cm x 57cm

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  • Gauging interest on wether to bring this down to London to sell. Currently stored at my parents house drowned in ACF50.

    Steve Goff track frame I had built around 2009 for racing, just before I switched to carbon. Columbus octagonal tubing and BB shell, very very very rare, very stiff and great to ride. 57cm square. Chrome and purple metallic flake, pretty sure its fully chromed under the paint.

    Campagnolo track ends and front drop outs, Campagnolo record pista headset.

    Ridden on track for a few months, then put in storage for the last 10 years. Few marks and a bit of surface rust, but nothing that wouldn't polish out.

    Frame cost me over £1200 to have built with all the extras, looking for £600 for frame forks and headset or I'll probably just keep it.


    How it looked built up back in the day

  • Love this!

  • It’s a beast

  • Wow that is wilddd!

  • Very cool, never seen a BB shell like that before

  • What a peach!

  • Phwoar, that's lovely. Shame it's not a 54. GLWS

  • Would you sell it as a complete? I'd be very interested if so.

  • I remember this from bitd. Awesome frame. Don’t need it though. GLWS

  • Blast from the past.

  • Sorry, I only have what you see in the picture (plus the hubs and toe straps in a box). I don’t have the rest of the bits to sell complete.
    Happy to sell with what’s in the first picture.

  • Thank you for all the nice comments. I love this frame and it will be hard to sell it, but I have no use for it and it’s a real shame for it to just sit in an attic.

  • He lives just a minute around the corner from me does The Goff!

  • Don't sell this Guy, one day you'll regret it!

  • mad

  • Don't sell this Guy, one day you'll regret it!

    This. 100%

  • You know what they say about regret ;)

  • It’s better to regret the things you have done than things you haven’t done.

  • Had a few PM's requesting closeups on the lugs and clearances, I don't have the frame with me, but here are some more old pictures. I'll grab some current ones this week.

  • Very smart :). Not sure it's a pista head set though?

  • You could be right, might be super record or record strada. I know its record and I remember it cost me fortune NOS :)

  • Mmmmmmmm.

    If I find a monkey under the sofa, I'll have this.

  • Following some PM's. The front tyres in the pictures are 22mm, so 'track clearances'. Think it fits a slim 23mm. Should be space at the back for a 25mm (maybe more)

  • So nice GLWS n’ all that


Steve Goff track frame Columbus octagonal tubing 57cm x 57cm

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