Jerseys and sneakers with more to add

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  • Several bits for sale, priced to go, cash monies much preferred
    Everything is used but I’m great condition, cleaned and laundered too - I’m a clean being

    Jerseys all fit me - 5’10” - 42” chest, 32” waist
    I regularly buy medium mostly

    Twin Six Neo-Floral jersey - £30
    Paria Multi Dot - sold
    Rapha Deep Winter jersey -sold

    Nike React ISPA - uk 8.5 - £50.00
    Nike Vapour Street Peg - 8.5 - £40.00

    Kask Infinity helmet yet to add once I’ve taken pics - Medium 52/58 £70
    No marks, a fully functioning helmet - I have a helmet bag but not the original box and can confirm it has never been crashed - near mint

    Dibs and pm- PayPal preferred
    Postage possible though will take a day or two to get to a post office


  • Twin six jersey

  • Paria jersey - sold

  • Rapha jersey - sold

  • Nike React ISPA

  • Nike Vapour

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  • Where are you based?

  • Based on Clapton E5 squire

  • Pending postage and payment Rapha and Paria are provisionally sold

  • Kask Infinity road helmet - black
    52/58cm - Medium
    Used but mint condition
    All adjustment features fully functional
    Adjustable chin strap
    Cranium adjustment by way of an adjustment wheel at the rear
    Never crashed or dropped and minimal miles usage
    Prefer not to post

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  • Both Nike dropped by £5.00

  • Twin Six jersey drop to £25.00

  • Twin Six jersey and Nike React sold

  • I’ll drop the Nike Vapour to £30.00

    Helmet stays as is. It’s a really decent helmet too

  • Helmet goes to £65

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Jerseys and sneakers with more to add

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