Old Tricross Headset Replacement

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  • I'm refurbishing an old Tricross Singlecross. And I'm confused by the headset. I've pulled it apart and there are cups/races top and bottom. Do I just knock them out with a cup remover? I'm totally replacing the headset and need to remove all the gubbins for the powder coating.

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  • Specialized headsets are a shitemare.

    Think you knock those cups out then will be able to fit an integrated style headset.

    @BrickMan knows the score I think?

  • Just went through the same process with a similar era spesh frame, it's a proprietary system called 'mindset'. Can be a bit tricky to get the tool to sit on the edge of the cup as there's a lip right before it but yeah you can just knock them out

  • Still stuck on finding a sealed bearing replacement though, I think they're 39mm but seem to be extra deep? I'm not very clued up on headset standards

  • Thanks @yokes and a quick Google yielded this.

    "…any pair of cartridge bearings which fit the Cane Creek standard (45/36, 41.2mm OD, 6.5mm high) will work..."

  • Hmm, the frame I'm working on isn't a tricross so may be a different size but 40mm bearings are too big

  • I bought the Cane Creek 40 headset but it don't work. I can use the bearings but I'm going to have to re-use the original top assembly and sort of bodge it. The bearings sit too low in the cup so the top assembly with the new 40 is short of making contact by a few millimetres. But the bottom seems to be ok.

    F$%k you Specialized.

  • @Lanterne_Rouge Did you get these sorted? I'm just about to embark on this fun task myself...

  • Forgot to reply but I sorted it with a 2.5mm spacer under the bearing dust cover

  • Was that on a Tricross in the end? From what I've found the IS CC 40 needs a 4 mm spacer?

  • Nah it was a dolce sport, the headset was also cobbled together from fsa and cane creek parts though so maybe not much help! It's easy enough to eyeball once you have it in front of you

  • I used upper IS41/28.6 and lower IS41/30 bearings and reused the Cane Creek dust cap and dust cap spacer thing. It works fine. So don't lose those. You could use any spacer that fits at a push; you have to do this as the machined integrated bearing seat is deeper than usual.

  • Hi i have similar problem tricross 2008) and after looking at tons of contents on forum i am confused
    Anyone out there could recommand A headset
    Some say cane creek Is2 Is3 Cane Creek 40-Series IS41
    Please help. Thanks in advance

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Old Tricross Headset Replacement

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