• My left seatstay ie top rack mount on a new arkose A8 has popped out today for no apparent reason! Have a rack on but haven't even had panniers on it yet.
    Anyone else had this issue or success with Evans warrantee? If not anyone tried epoxy and aluminum frames??

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  • That’s a warranty claim, that is.

  • When I asked a fairly old framebuilder if the rack mounts could be in the tube like that on a frame he built for me, he refused. It seems to be the norm now, on forks and frames, and I often wonder esp on forks why everyone seems to do that.

  • I think it’s because it’s an aluminium frame. On a steel frame the rack mount is brazed onto the stay but you can’t braze aluminium and TIG welding will probably weaken the stay too much so it’s easier (and cheaper) to drill a hole in the stay and fix the mount in the hole. Anyway, this one is clearly faulty.

  • How old is the frame?

    If out of warranty I would probably go for a patching it up and a seat clamp with rack bosses unless it’s a massive frame.

    Never seen that, looks quite poorly finished.

  • Got it from Evans in cycle to work in March of this year. They're going to have a look at it on Friday. I'll keep you updated :)

  • In that case should definitely be warrantied. Frame swap or new bike.

  • Yeah that's pretty bad. Friday welding job.

    Warranty claims can sometimes be like pulling teeth and you end up without a bike for weeks when it's their fuck up. Suggest you do not leave the shop until they commit to a date on providing either a replacement bike or a replacement frame (AND having all your parts moved over to it).

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Arkose rear rack mount failure? Warrantee? Epoxy

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