8 Speed to SS conversion help needed

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  • The 8 speed Shimano Alfine hub I've been riding for 10 ten years as finally worn out and I'd like to convert it to single speed. The issue is that the bike also has a Gates belt drive and I'd like to keep as much of that as possible to keep it as cheap as I can.

    I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to this stuff but is there a way of building a new back wheel keeping the existing rear sprocket? Or do I need to get a new rear sprocket that fits a single speed hub?

    And secondly - the current front sprocket is 60t, the rear is 24t = GR 2.5. I know that's an odd set up for a single speed but what difference would it make if the gear ratio ends up sort of around the right mark?

  • It’s going to be expensive. Looking at the Gates website, they make a variety of sprockets for a variety of hubs but the generic screw on freewheel is a whopping €270. or for €75, a sprocket that fits a Shimano freehub. Plus a new belt if it’s a different number of teeth than your Alfine. Plus a new rear wheel. Probably cheaper to either get the Alfine repaired or replaced or strip off the whole lot and replace with conventional drive train.
    (Owner of a Gates belt drive bike also)

  • Thank you. I've spent a bit more time and I'm not sure they even make the rear sprocket for the type of belt I have anymore. Might be overcomplicating it - simpler and cheaper just to convert to conventional drive train as you say. Thanks for you help

  • One thing you should check - if the frame was built specially to take an Alfine hub/gates drive combo, then make sure it can take a regular hub also.

  • thanks will do

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8 Speed to SS conversion help needed

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