• Been hoarding a few bits away that I no longer need for projects or taken off new bikes. All prices include postage.

    BBB road stem off my Focus, very light use, perfect condition, 110mm, 7 degree, 31.8: £20

    CEX stem off my old Cross bike, again, very light use and in perfect condition, 100mm, no markings but guessing it’s 7 degree as well, 31.8: £20

    Prologo Kappa RS saddle off my Focus, very light use and in perfect condition: £20

    Concept saddle, light use, perfect condition: £15

    SRAM Apex CX crank, used condition with slight wear on some of the outer ring. Slight damage to non drive side arm that I’ve shown in the image. 172.5,
    CX powerglide rings, 46/36 10 speed, 110BCD, to be used with a GXP bottom bracket: £40.

    I’ve got a few more bits that I’ll include later including a SRAM apex front mech and some DMR V8s.

  • Stems

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    • 753D19AF-7FBC-4A1C-8BD4-3A88C28E5E4F.jpeg
    • FD4B1A25-EB82-4961-B2AF-7EA2DA2514EC.jpeg
    • 7466E58B-13DE-42C3-AE77-3025C25F0622.jpeg
    • E7E15323-22AA-49DF-A5B8-269FF2402E3A.jpeg
  • Crank and saddles

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    • 92138556-6FED-4643-B033-DFDA424BA03F.jpeg
    • EA01E8AD-AF92-40B7-A50C-EF6E6B771755.jpeg
    • F42551B5-34C5-44F9-AD6D-F328256CBE4B.jpeg
    • B144B0DF-B8FF-46DE-901C-CD85485201E5.jpeg
    • 474DC65B-019F-49FB-8874-3C794B1E3084.jpeg
  • Black DMR V8 pedals, v good condition, still boxed with grease syringe.
    £20 posted and I’ve taken a fiver off all other bits

    2 Attachments

    • 577BDFB7-E6D1-43AE-93E2-64C6F4FEFB40.jpeg
    • ADF7870C-75F2-440D-8E6A-BA8C8E6EEE39.jpeg
  • I'll take the v8 pedals

  • Pedals gone pending payment... thanks Ben

  • Pedals gone... a few bits to add soon

  • Last bits... Campag Veloce brake caliper, good condition: £15

    1 Attachment

    • C91760AA-41CC-489A-A99B-EF238DE9190D.jpeg
  • SRAM Rival front mech, good condition: £15

    1 Attachment

    • 2DD2F934-ABBB-4CDE-8C6F-30155412C377.jpeg
  • Dia Compe BRS 101 brake caliper laced to a Diatech Gold Finger brake level, again, good condition: £15

    1 Attachment

    • F77B805C-FEE4-454F-80BE-EED67B644048.jpeg
  • dibs campag caliper pm on way

  • Campag caliper sold... thanks @Dibble

  • Taking non silly offers on the rest

  • Crankset moved to eBay

  • Stems, saddles and front mech still available... all else sold

  • a hopefully non-silly £12 for the Prologo ?

  • Sorry dude, no point in me selling it for that price, I’d do it £20 posted

  • Taking non silly offers on the rest

    But not on the Saddle? £17.50 (",)

  • Yea, I can do that... I’ll PM you

  • Prologo gone... thanks Mark

  • Is the Dia compe front or rear caliper?
    Edit: ignore me just saw it's sold

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FS: Project clear out... CX crank, saddles, stems etc

Posted by Avatar for Johnnyw75 @Johnnyw75