First ever time working on/building a bike

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  • Hi everyone, I'm looking at bikes and it seems difficult to find one that suits what I'm looking or exactly in my price range.

    If I was to get a frame and forks and then build the bike as a single speed/ fixie (so no gears, nothing fancy) using second hand parts does anyone have a very rough idea of the cost or if it would be possible to do for under £150. I know this is very subjective but if anyone has done this could anyone give me some tips and a rough guide of how much it cost them I would really really appreciate it!! Thank you so much!

  • Oh and I have a good range of tools already because dad works on his car a fair bit, so that wouldn't be a problem, unless I'd need any very specific tools!

  • If you post a wanted ad along those lines on here, I'm sure people could get you the relevant parts for around that, provided you were willing to go and pick them up

  • Thanks for the advice, really trying to gauge how feasible the project would be before buying the parts, just to make sure I can definitely finish the project and not be left with just half a bike!

  • Mmmm... you'll find the cost adds up buying them individually, so if you can buy e.g. wheels with tyres and a cog on, cranks with a chainring on, bar, stem and lever combos, etc., you'll make your money go further.

    pesky piddly things like chain, tyres, cables, grips etc. add up in the end.

  • Ahhh see these are the things I needed to know haha! Thank you for the advice!

  • Update - Have just bought an Ambrosio pista so I'm not going to need to build a bike, however it may be a fun project to undertake should I get hooked on cycling so any info still welcome!

  • Does it have a front brake and foot retention? Unless you’re only going to use it on a track you’ll need those things over anything else. Especially if you’re a bit new to it all

  • Fortunately yes! It has a front brake and I'm planning to get some straps as they seem the easiest to use! Thanks for the advice!

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First ever time working on/building a bike

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