• Put some bits on the ALICE at long last. Aim: get it built, make it nice later.

    The build is stuff I already had around + some bits salvaged from the Kona, other than some £40 brakes and a twelve quid shifter. I'd intended it as a kind of like-for-like ish replacement for the Kona, but I can't really hold drop bar levers very comfortably at the moment so figured I'd try it as a flat bar gravel thing, for the time being. Maybe longer idk.

    The geo is kind of weird, super relaxed ST and HT for this kind of thing, high BB for that true 'on bike' feel.

    It's quite short, keen to try it with drops. Feels like a mini-big bro (bro?), riding it b2b with the Singular, this is a lot stiffer, kind of less eager? somehow, but seems fun.

    Next up - replacement dynamo + lights and some VO 63mm mudguards.

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  • Just posted a Kuwahara hi pacer I’m thinking of selling on the classifieds. In case you’re interested.

  • Very tasteful, great build.

  • Hot !

  • make it nice later.

    I think that's pretty hot already!

    How is the arm? After I broke my wrists I build up my hardtail with the Ritchey Kyote bars because that was the only thing I could ride pain-free.

  • Thanks, it's kind of clean, functional.

    Loads better, thanks. The knee isn't great still but I'm riding a tiny bit, which feels really good.

    Yeah, I definitely need some sweep, riding drop bars hurts. These feel okay, I can see why the kyotes would work too!

  • Very nice. Love the soft, pillowy paint.

  • Warmed to it, with some bits on

  • Bike looks lovely - I echo previous statements about the paint. It looks good with both black and silver components.
    +1 for Kyotes as well. Thought it's hard to beat the look of the bullmoose!

  • Yea, riding it into work today I wouldn't mind a tiny bit more reach. Longish stem + kyotes might be a shout

  • I've run the Kyotes with a 45mm and a 70mm stem and they feel much better with the 70mm imo.

  • Nice, thanks. Think my effective reach atm is somewhere around 50-60mm so maybe a 70-80mm Thomson (if anyone is selling?) would be sweet

  • Love the colorway. What stuff did you use ?

  • When you say stuff... what do you mean?

  • Hum.. spray can or automotive-like paint ?

    English not my native tongue :(

  • That's a stock paintjob. The color is called "Wonderland Blue". ;-)

  • Thanks but I'm talking about this one ;)
    Which RAL is it ?

  • That's a Ford Capri colour - tibetan gold.

    I'm going to try and get the last coat of clearcoat on this weekend. It's waterbased rattle can base with a 2k clear.

  • Sorry... got a little confused there.

  • little rub down with some 1200 grit and ipa
    the final 2k coats are going on today

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  • Looks grand!

  • Gorgeous, great colour choice!

  • Okay so I've had to keep this quiet a bit, for a couple of reasons - one is that the thing it's for launched today, and the other was I've been very scared of it not working too well. But what will follow is a kind of retrospective process thing of a custom Stayer....

    It's an OMG, so their new atb type thing. Custom @Hulsroy yoke so it'll clear 29x3.0. Rigid fork, Sam at Stayer made some bars more or less to a drawing I sent over.

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fka Splat's That (some Kuwaharas), custom Stayer OMG, RockHopper step-thru, Pipedream Alice

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