• Yea exactly :) gone for a 10 speed Saint shifter paired with an m8000 mech (to give enough capacity to run a 10 speed 11-46 cassette). Was like £120 for all three posted, much more palatable.

  • Looking forward to seeing how the bro will build up ✌️

  • To be honest I'm considering getting rid as I can pretty much tell already that it's not going to be quite what I'm after.

    Plus the dropout thing seems to be a common fault.

    Just not feeling it

  • Okay so I've pretty much decided that the Big Bro really isn't what I'm after.

    Entered peak #buyer mode and did a deal on that Singular that's been dangled in front of many an eye for far too long on eBay.

    Tbh there's a fair bit more that needs sorting on it than the seller made clear (surprise surprise), but in any case the plan is to

    1) ruthlessly asset strip it
    2) build it up as something less focused than it is now, but less hefty than the Brother.

    So if anyone is on the lookout for a Stan's Crest SS 29er wheelset, silver Chris King 1 1/8" headset, Middleburn RS8 175mm crankset, Ritchey WCS stem, Specialized Phenom saddle... they'll be going.

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  • What's wrong with this set up?!

  • Okay so I've pretty much decided that the Big Bro really isn't what I'm after.

    dibs, large?

  • I need gears and it's too long and low and the crank arms are too long for my fragile knees

  • it is indeed a large

  • mhmmmm. better message me some deets?

  • Goodbye blingy light flat bars.

    Hello sweepy tall bars.

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  • Crap photos but I'm quietly pleased with how the Rockhopper is looking.

    It's taking ages, mind.

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  • both of these are looking most excellent

  • Lovely colour !

  • Yea I was scared of it being too... Gold.

    But its nice, warms up in the sun, desaturates a lot in the shade.

  • I really like everything you build or even half build. Looking forward to seeing the rockhopper come together. Did you leave most of the original paint on and just sand it down?

  • also looks like a Job very well done! looks smooth and even

  • So... I was actually pretty inconsistent with my approach.

    For the forks I just flatted the paint back with some 320 grit pads. Then a PU primer, maybe 3-4 coats flatted back to 1000 grit between coats.

    The frame I used an angle grinder with one of those abrasive fibre disc things. Was about 30 mins work to get 90% of the paint off. Then some fiddly hand work around the welds, stays, bb etc. Again a PU primer flatted back between coats. Same with the stem but used sandpaper to remove the paint rather than the disc.

    The paint is a water based acrylic Ford colour. (tibetan gold I think)

    Top coat is a proper 2-part clear coat.

    Tbh I mostly just guessed, put loads of time into the primer coat. I reckon it would have been around the same price and way less time to pay someone to paint it, but we do what we do.

  • Thanks! Yea looking forward to getting the decals and another few coats of the top coat on. It's not too bad for a high-pollen-count-windy-corner job. Not perfect of course.

  • Could anyone recommend a decent no-win no-fee solicitor?

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  • God damn. I hope you are okay man....

    What happened? Car I'm assuming?

  • Yeah, car. I won't go into details in case of a legal situation, but yeah I don't think it seemed like an 'accident'

  • Wow. No idea about lawyers etc. I'm afraid but hope you are physically ok!

  • Yeah, cuts and bruises it seems.

    Not had a proper look at the bike, but forks are bent and I'm not sure I trust my wheel truing abilities that far

  • Shit, hope you're not too shaken and mend quickly.

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