• ... And found a place on the old kent road to cut them, was £15 all in. Not bad.

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  • Figured I'd try the fork out first, to see how it comes out. Flatted it back, primer looks alright. We'll see.

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  • Wooo! Where is that?

  • just the square of grey outside my flat ha

  • Haha, no I meant the vinyl cutting place on Old Kent Road.

  • ffs

    They're called Hexio. Threw in a couple of extra sheets for when I inevitably f**k it.

  • Were you running the stock brake pads? Because those are terrible. I changed them for SwissStop pads, which made a huge difference.

  • Interesting. If I hadn't already thrown them in a bin and then set fire to the bin I might have tried that.


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  • How are the juins?

  • Tbh I only fitted them last night. But on a highly scientific 30-second spin around a car park, they bite.

    Edit : they're the 4-pot version, so hoping for good things.

  • I'm keen to hear how you find them!

  • They are quite nice and slim line compared to some of the other semi hydraulic ones so I might give them a go too.

  • I just bought a second pair of Juins. I rate them!

  • An update on the Juins - I really like them

    Was a bit underwhelmed until the pads broke in, but they remind me a lot of the Rival hydraulic brakes I had on a previous bike. The feel at the lever is good, smooth, progressive, and linear - they feel like a decent hydraulic brake.

    Not quite the outright power of the Rivals, but honestly not far off. They definitely don't have that grabby initial bite that Shimano hydros tend to, so all in all I'm super happy with them.

    Using with TRP levers and Yokozuna compressionless housing, same as I was with the Spyres - I only swapped the calipers over. Difference is night and day.

  • compressionless is the key here

  • You should have stayed for the soggy Sunday ride for a real test ;)

  • It's true, it's true

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