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  • So I've only got the smaller 'classic' RAL chart, so there might be closer matches in the full chart. But these are the closest two:

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  • mmm at the moment it's whatever I have laying around in line with points 1 and 10 above

  • Nice. Middleburn cranks are the kind of thing I'll never justify to myself but do look great

  • Middleburns look ace mate. I nearly got a set for mine but chose to go with Deores instead and the price was about the same (around £50). I have the guys number though so I can always buy them if I want a change.

    Colours on these are so mint. Ironically my bike is currently being done that RAL4008 on that last sheet.

  • Those cracks look great, excited to see where this goes

  • What did you also do with your brake posts when you went from cantis to v brakes on your other one. Did you file the mount?

  • Some old XT vees went straight on, in the end. It was just with some Avid Shorty Ultimates that there was an interface issue with the boss itself. Everything else has been fine swapping cantis to vees on multiple other bikes :)

  • My single digits foul quite bad but as you mentioned, I have a set of Deores that do go a lot further on but not fully (enough to get away with). I might tickle them with a Dremel.

  • Just to add my tuppence, I found that my TRP EuroX complained a bit but went on alright in the end. It wasn't the same issue as with @lt 's Shorty Ultimates but I should probably measure against a more modern frameset to work out what's going on with the spacing.

  • Had a spare hour earlier and did what any high-achieving productive individual would do and practiced yoga commenced my memoirs cut the canti hanger off with a hacksaw, filed it to a pleasingly rounded form and polished it

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  • Wrapped the stays in some cotton tape that I thought looked nice with the brown-y ring.
    Some Stooge bars and Thomson stem were sitting there sad, redundant, lonely, so thought I'd try 'em.

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  • How wide is too wide

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  • Thinking the RAL4003 Erikaviolet closest?

  • you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

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  • 👌

    U brake (?) on the chainstay?

  • Yep! I ventured into BMX World to find something that might work better than the old Exage Mountain one that was on there before. Its an Odyssey one. Seems alright.

  • Bloody hell this is so good.

  • thanks, gunna try take some decent pics some time soon. Pretty stoked how it came out though

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fka Splat's That (now some Kuwaharas)

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