fka Splat's That (now some Kuwaharas)

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  • Anyone ever manage to match the kuwahara pink paint or find some older akai 700c rims

  • I can dig out my RAL chart and compare when I'm back, if you like.

  • that would be great, thanks....

  • What's happened here is that I've acquired a similarly splattery Cheetah.

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  • Nice. What’s the difference between the two? Cheetah is mtb?

  • Yeah that's right, 26er.

    Weighs a tonne, chainstay u-brake, less posh tubing.

  • doing this before i get excited and take it apart

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    • some more out-of-the-box

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  • Damn that paint is wild!

  • Yea it's a bit nuts. Hoping it polishes up alright cos shiny shiny

  • Here's what I've got planned for it :

    • don't spend too much money
    • horizontal dropouts suggests singlespeed
    • dynamo front hub
    • wide bars
    • repaint the stem to evoke the teal niceness it would have been originally
    • keep the suspension seatpost??
    • big front rack
    • cushy plump tyres
    • mudguards
    • don't, and I cannot stress this enough, spend too much money
  • Remember to not spend too much money.

  • thanks I'll try

  • this is going to be a money pit for sure

  • Oulala great projects!

  • Hell yeah

  • yes no it isn't

  • Will be brilliant...just don't spend too much money

  • Ever figure that pink RAL?

  • looks great! what color cable housing are you thinking?

  • Looks awesome. I haven't got time to do much or post anything due to small people but here's (most of) the bits that'll be going on mine. Told you I'd steal your ideas liberally ;) I'm not going to be using the pink Kuwahara stem so give me a shout if if you want it.

    Yes that is a fridge...

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  • Missed this but better late than never. I have the original tires but they've definitely seen more life than I'd expected. DM me if you want them and you're welcome to them for the price of postage.

  • this looks wicked. Digging the tyres + saddle combo

  • manifested some BARGAINOUS middleburns. Probably cos they're isis (not that one).

    Stripped the clear anodizing off with caustic with a view to polishing them, but decided I quite like the look of them like this

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  • on

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fka Splat's That (now some Kuwaharas)

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