• For no other reason than that I've wanted one for F**KING AGES, here's my Kuwahara Pacer build.

    Progress might be leisurely.

    Excellent spot by @El_Topo - I am forever in your debt.

    To the best of my knowledge, it's an Ishiwata quadruple-butted EXO cromo frame, with a Tange double-butted cromo fork. All the lug work is very neat and tidy.

    The idea is to build the frameset up into a 700 x 38ish #gravel / camping cruiser.

    Here's a photo from the ad.

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  • Moderately frantic unboxing, fading to relief when it's all there, straight and surprisingly tidy for a 29 year old:

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    • IMG_20200512_174858.jpg
  • Stripped down (mostly) and cleaned - showing signs of shining up quite well, I thought.

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  • Real nice. Excited to see what you do with it.

  • Great paint, looking forward to seeing the build.

  • Awesome, I was tempted with one of these on German eBay a few months ago. It had a matching stem as well!

  • Yeah, it's a bit of a shame it's missing the pink stem. Presumably unobtainium now.

    I guess the good thing about it is that it opens up a few more options, now that I don't feel obligated to stay true to the original build.

  • That's true! Are you planning to stick with canti, or will it take mini V /V with the boss spacing ?

  • It will take mini V's... but I don't like the idea of having a redundant (and quite nice) canti hanger at the top of the seat stays. The intention is to try it with some decent cantis, and see how I get on. Something like the Avid Shorty Ultimates would be sweet, if anything came up pre-owned.

  • From the deepest depths of olx.pl... Can’t wait to see it built up bud!

  • Subbed. Looking forward to the leisurely build.

  • Oh man... 4 years ago a same (but smaller, 54x54) Pacer popped up in the local classifieds, and I didn't have any money. I still dread the day, it was so damn cheap, and I'll probably never see one again here.

    Excited to see the build coming along, keep is posted!

  • I have a friend that has some avid shorties going spare. Will ask if he will sell.

  • That'd be really kind, thankyou . It's the Ultimates I'm particularly after, I think.

  • Loving this

  • Froglegs would look good too.

  • Good shout. To be honest, my main concern is stopping.

  • Lovin the paint on this!, excited to see what you do with it.

  • I'm a bit jealous, looking forward to see the build

  • He will sell. Drop me a pm and we’ll get it sorted.

  • Sweet. PM'd.

  • Couple of incredibly exciting updates.

    New Sugino seat bolt arrived, and a shiny new Tange headset along with it.

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  • Nitto delivery!

    Bullmoose bars + 27.0mm Crystal Fellow post.

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  • .

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