Burls Ti without wheels or seat

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  • Mean.

    If it's a genuine Burls, and the OP seems decent and honest, his price is a good 'un. I've been on the receiving end of some trolly disparagement when selling a bloody great bike on this forum at a fair price. It's pretty grating.

  • And I agree with lazy that it somewhat demeans the spirit of this forum when people offer too little or ask too much (which also happens increasingly).

  • Not questioning honesty or decency. Feel the price is unrealistic. A new frame is £1400 (or they have a sale frameset for £995). For me, second hand starts at c. half price, unless in pristine and/or unused condition. This is now 4th hand with a pretty naff paint job and an old groupset.

  • People can always say no. The OP is clearly not interested as they didn't reply. Fine. Does it not demean the spirit of the forum to start throwing insults when someone posts something that offends their personal ideas of what it should be?

  • I actually don't know. Maybe you're right. Gonna butt out now. Just hope he sells and some of me gets a nice bike.

  • Well good luck with your bike purchase. £400 is not even near, you seem to have defined 'near' pretty optimistically. To be frank, I could call it what the others have, but can't be bothered to get into an argument with you.

    I agree the paintjob is naff, but the last quote I had was a £100ish to get it back to the original finish. I agree its forth hand when someone buys it. The first owner barely had it for a couple of weeks, the second one - about 6 months and I have had it since then.

  • I don't see the word 'near' in your original post. I saw you ask for 'offers' on a year old ad so I made one. You don't want the deal or to negotiate - fine. We'll both look elsewhere.

    The reaction from that guy yesterday was ridiculous. I should've ignored it and will know better next time.

  • We can debate the merits of a given frame all day, happens in the forum all the time, high prices happen here too, usually a fair price gets arrived at, it's a community there's usually people with deep knowledge who chime in with advice etc.

    Sellers often admit the price might be off (which OP did), which as per community culture means they're open to be advised on a better price.

    Someone coming in, rudely plopping "£400" as a reply in the comments is -however you slice it- rude. Like i said, this is a forum and a community, the replies aren't eBay's 'Make Offer' Button. How we treat eachother in a community matters.

    It's fair to open negotiations with a low and cheeky offer, I've done it before. But there's a lowballing line of rudeness, and besides there is a way of opening negotiations (esp when making cheeky offers) that involves writing a full sentence, is friendly and not rude. Usually through PMs.

    Not by commenting a with monosyllabic, rude, lowball price in a comment. That's generally considered a dick move.

  • And this tells us everything we need to know about your character

  • Yea totally rude dick move, must lack genetic integrity. Ill pay £401

  • Actually i just realised its not my size so im out but dibs on the stem top cap if you split. ✌

  • Np, not splitting sorry. But the thread has been entertaining.

    Its all good, if its meant to go great if not, it still looks lovely and I have had lots of happy memories on it, so don't mind looking at it lol. I do confess, that it does deserve to be ridden.

    Have a great weekend all

  • Yeah you said all this already, dick move lowball blah blah. Basically it's rude because you say it is.

    'How we treat each other in a community matters.' How ironic.

  • Oh and please do tell me what you've learned about my character. Love to hear.

  • Unpainted titanium is pretty but worth mentioning also ride quality, weight and durability. All those qualities will survive misjudged paint job and a few owners. Not all titanium frames are great but Burls are truly classy. So I maintain that the asking price, or near it, is fair and good value.

    Hurling chunks of emotive language around rarely helps resolve an issue.

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Burls Ti without wheels or seat

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