• My hoarding of bits needs to end, so I'm using lockdown to have a tidy up and clearout. I'll update this thread as I clean things up ready to list.

    All items are in Beckenham, south-east London, and collection is preferred but, depending on what it is, I can probably post most things.

    To start I've not used this Tacx workstand for years, and need the space, so am moving it on. It's in good condition generally, all works fine and is a decent stable stand that packs away fairly well. Price: £25 SOLD

    Next up, a pair of disc clincher wheels that were on this bike that I bought off Fred. They are 700c Chosen Pro-Build wheels with sealed hubs and set up for quick release. I don't know if you can convert them to thru axle. Rims are 19mm internal width, 24mm external width from Alex. A good solid, reliable wheelset. The picture shows one with a Continental tyre, the other with a Michelin Pro Endurance but they'll come with a pair of Michelins, 25 mm wide. Price: £60 SOLD

  • Workstand.

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  • Wheels.

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  • I realise the futility of this post as I type it, but if nobody takes you up on the workstand collected, I'd be interested if it could be posted! I know.....big awkward lump of postage.....

  • Any idea how/if the work stand would deal with a front through axle?

  • I don’t know is the honest answer. Part of the reason I don’t use it any more is because I’m down to one bike that uses a front QR. You could probably bodge something with the spare (rear) clamp but I’ve not researched it.

  • It would be hard to package up as it doesn’t fold into a easily postable shape. Whereabouts are you?

  • Ah, no worries. It was a long-shot. I'm up in North West unfortunately...

  • I’d like to take the work stand if it’s still available? Will send a pm to confirm.


  • Some more stuff to add.

    Handlebars. All have been barely used, either the wrong size or shape. I’m usually reluctant to sell bars or stems but these have literally been used for less than 100 kms in total as they were either too wide, too narrow or a shape I couldn’t get on with.

    All £30 each

    1 x Deda Superzero handlebars. 420 wide, measured centre to centre, reach 75 mm, drop 130 mm. SOLD

    1 x Deda Zero 100. 400 wide, 75 mm reach and 130 drop. SOLD

    1 x Deda Zero 100, 440 wide, 75 mm reach and 130 drop.

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    • 9B7E7937-5ABF-44A4-9669-A09EA238591F.jpeg
    • 8BDB512E-D478-4176-9221-57296D422029.jpeg
    • 51F22AB4-33C9-40B6-8F05-7F60AC16BE97.jpeg
    • FFD014B7-27BF-44FA-98A2-3617F33426CB.jpeg
  • How much for the Superzeros?

  • 4 x Vittoria Open Pave. 700 x 25c brand new and boxed. All black rather than the classic black and green colour scheme.

    £20 each SOLD

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  • Missed that off, £30.

  • Specialized Romin Evo saddle. 155 mm wide. £20 SOLD

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  • Fuck me thats cheapz.

    Do you mind if I look at my Olmo when I get home as I’m undecided I’d they’ll be a bit big (the flat tops not the width) as it’s only oversized steel with a 1” head tube

  • Of course not. They are on hold for you.

  • Interested in Zero100 400mm bars, pm sent

  • Can I take the Romin posted?

  • Unlikley 2nds on the Romin

  • really want all the tyres but dont need them...

  • pm'd

  • Unlikely 3rd on the Roman

  • I’ll take two of the tyres plus the superzero if that sale falls through. I’m in Dublin but surely we can sort postage?

  • I'm sure we can.

  • Let them go to the Emerald Isle.

    Think they’ll be a bit too much on the front of my bike.

    Thanks for holding them @andyp

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Long overdue clearout: Deda handlebars, Rapha, Sidi, Vulpine, Finisterre

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp